[VIDEO] – Thugs LOOT Minneapolis Target, destroy police station during protests over George Floyd’s death…

Apparently some in Minneapolis are so grief stricken, so outraged over George Floyd’s death under the knee of a Minneapolis officer, that they’ve decided looting a Target would make them feel better. They’ve also destroyed the outside of the 3rd precinct police station as well.


And here’s what they did to the 3rd precinct police station…

You may be wondering where the cops are? Some are on top of the 3rd precinct:

Despite how it looks, there were people trying to peacefully protest:

Look, I do understand why people would be outraged over Floyd’s death. It was horrible. People should be out peacefully protesting and I’ve got no issue with that whatsoever.

But using a protest as an excuse to destroy buildings and loot Target is abominable and thuggish. I hope every last one of these fools are caught by police and punished. There’s just no excuse for it.

As an aside, it was reported today that an emergency worker who came to the scene to get Floyd said he didn’t have a pulse when they picked him up. Just awful.

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