[VIDEO] – Tucker Carlson issue serious warning: Trump will LOSE this election if he doesn’t act quickly to stop unrest

Tucker Carlson opened with an alarming monologue about the dire state of the country and the federal government’s slow response to it, and how it may all end in Trump losing if he doesn’t act quickly to stop the domestic terrorists and restore order:

The 911 call that Tucker played of a woman crying for help but being told to call city hall was abhorrent. But it was very demonstrative of his point, that lawlessness is ruling the day in many cities and in cases like the 911 call, it’s being sanctioned by city leaders.

Tucker suggests this isn’t just a crisis for America, but that it’s a crisis for Trump’s reelection chances, noting that leaders never get reelected when they fail to stop unrest from happening.

His point was that the president and the federal government needs to immediately call this what it is, domestic terrorism, and then quickly round up the leaders of these movements and publicly make examples of them. He believes if the federal government does that, then order will begin to be restored and Trump’s reelection chances will be much better.

It’s a somewhat long monologue, but it’s quite good and well worth watching through to the end. I’d love to hear what you think…

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