Video: Wisconsin reforms? Yes, they’re working!

This is an excellent video that not only shows how Wisconsin’s reforms enacted under Governor Walker are already saving both the state and local governments millions of dollars with many other benefits to boot, but describes the fiscal problems that led to these reforms and why these reforms were a must. All of this puts into perspective the silliness that was the hyperbolic languishing of the unions over these reforms.

Again, excellent video.

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51 thoughts on “Video: Wisconsin reforms? Yes, they’re working!

  1. This is not new, it always works. Now hopefully Ohio can do the same thing. I think the best part is that the union dues are no longer automatically taken from members pay checks, and I did hear that the union is now collecting less then half of what they did when it was taken automatically.

  2. Wonderful! It took a Republican State House, Republican State Senate, and a Republican Governor to do it in a very BLUE state. We need REAL Conservatives in Washington, too. Not Romney RINOs.

    However, the video didn’t say if the budget is now balanced. They said they made up 300 mil here, 300 mill there, but what about the 3.5 BILLION?

  3. Scott Walker could be a future President of the United States because of this budget repair bill. Thank you Governor Walker for standing up to the unions. We need the National Right to Work Act to pass.





    As Maxina the BABOON Waters said—NIGERO— GO TO HELLL !!!!!

    Let’s take these son of bitches out (SPICCKS and NIGERO’S )and give America back to the HUMANS’—-HOFFA the UNION THUG

  5. The GOP should be airing this video everyday until 2012 election. This is exactly what the Democrat Party and the unions did not want to happen. They knew things would get better instantly if spending and costs cut. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that. These people are determined to bring this nation down come hell or high water. Guess what? The real 99% is determined to save this country and put it back on track to reality.

  6. Isn’t it amazing how once you get rid of the unions and institute conservative fiscal policy, everything just seems to operate much better???

  7. Union the Biggest problem facing the Nation . Governors need to reve this and step up to control all state Union and even consider banning them in Government jobs. Thats why our Government is so costly a lot of peoplr should be Fired and Employees of Government needs to cut 15% now and star making the Government become Efficient.
    Obummer never running a Business has no Idea how to cut cost !! IBM tpo Company could probably cut 25% of the government Employees and provide a much better service !

  8. Nice video, but it doesn’t seem to make clear how a $600M savings solved a $3.6B budget crisis. Was it only a first step? Where is it going?

  9. Facts don’t lie! Unions do!…um…or is it dues?

    addendum: sorry for the pun, but it was lot of fun (that was for Rshill)

    1. Sonofagun! I’ll take it.

      Hey, regarding that brain discussion above. Did you realize that a leftist brain is waaaaay more expensive than a conservative brain? That’s because leftist brains have never been used. (rimshot!)

  10. If the Pro Issue 2 people in Ohio get something like this out, it might stand a chance. The unions here are killing the conservatives effort to do what you guys did.

      1. Kasich and the the new conservatives in the state legislature were able to pass and sign Senate Bill 5 into law. This is what put the restrictions on the public unions. HOWEVER, the union thugs were able to get enough signatures on a petition to put it on the state ballot referendum. This is issue 2, if issue 2 fails then it will repeal the Senate Bill 5 law!

        Kasich is doing what he can, but the unions have a loud presence here, and they are using the old – police & firefighter guilt trips to argue it.

  11. Remember the Occupy Wisconsins Capital movement? Don’t worry about the wall street BS. The same tings gonna happen.
    Also, it’s always been strange to me that the same folks who like the health care individual mandate are the loudest when we want them to pay a quarter of what the rest of us pay in the private sector for insurance.

  12. The teachers in my school hate merit-based pay, I wonder why? The teachers in my school are mostly drones, I wonder why?

  13. This should be headlines all day in this country. There is a way out, America….if only the left would grow a brain.

    1. I wish I thought of that!

      Now I know what’s missing

      Thanks – I’ll go get some mice brains to hand out

      Never mind – Why torture the mice for a useless cause

  14. What a fantastic video for the “Stupid is what stupid does” crowd! Way to go Governor Walker and the Cheesehead nation!

  15. This is a good one to share with our blue state buddies. All of them have huge deficits – primarily due to public sector pensions.
    (Also good for Scott Walker’s recall – fail in advance)

      1. Nope it’s coming, guaranteed, these tools are twice as organized as the republicans are. Hate em.

      2. It starts Nov 15 so I hope this video is spread far and wide. Good to know that AFP is involved for organization and ground support.

  16. Now, Scott Walker IS “historic” !! his courage and in his ability to maintain a measured and mature approach to dealing with corruption, debt and criminal behavior. BRAVO Walker!!!

    Walker didn’t blink. Awsome.

      1. Scott Walker did exactly what he was voted in to accomplish. His composure and persistence and vision so impressed me that I always check out any news from Wisconsin. He has earned a truck load of stripes.

      1. Thanks, I know how passionate folks are here at TRS and so it is great to share the inspiration that a politician can engender. “BRAVO” isn’t just for the opera, eh?

      1. They’re not done yet. These idiots will get enough signatures for the recall early next year. Have to keep this stuff front of mind. I absolutely detest these jobless hippies on a quest to rape the taxpayer. Keep in mind I have a friend who works at the capitol and their health insurance has a small premium, and zero deductable, that’s zero with a big nothing attached to it. and depending on their salary a small contribution for a premium. They are also furious about the merit based increases, even though it will probably help most of them out. I have family who works for the union as well and they’re scaring the hell out of these people and outright lying to them. Keep this message loud and very clear and please dispute anyone who says otherwise. This is NOT going to destroy our schools and it’s NOT going to make the world come to an end.

        1. “I absolutely detest these jobless hippies”

          Present company excepted I hope 🙂 Actually I’m not jobless, so I guess I am exempted 🙂

        2. “These jobless hippies” are what is teaching (indoctrinating) American youth. Things would get a lot better in a hurry if greedy or socialist teachers could be replaced with American teachers. But that won’t happen.

          Just sending these worthless clowns back to the classrooms is asking for more of the same trouble. At the moment, I don’t think there was a choice. But there needs to be a choice in the future.

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