[VIDEO] Woke high school teacher triggered over color of Band-Aids, claims they are WHITE PRIVILEGE

A woke US 10th grade teacher from OKC took to TikTok to complain about the color of band-aids over the weekend, claiming their light brown color meant they were made for white people, and thus labeled them ‘white privilege’:

After watching this video, I went and looked up the account of this teacher, whose name is Mikie Park Gillmore. This is how she described herself in her profile: “Animal house resident. Anti-Racist teacher. Youngest Gen-Xer.”

When I saw the video on tiktok it had over a million views, possibly getting close to 2 million. It had become so popular that she made another video doubling down on her claim, saying she must’ve struck a chord with white people. She also showed the dark brown band-aids she’d purchased for her students.

I’d post that video but now they are all gone. Gillmore has deleted her entire TikTok account. And apparently here Twitter account, as I just noticed. I guess her lunacy was just too much for her to continue to defend?

I post it just to point out how woke our society is becoming, that radical liberals like Gillmore are seeing ‘white privilege’ everywhere they look. And while this OKC teacher ran away from the internet after being exposed, you better believe that she’s filling the minds of her students with this garbage, who will likely carry the ‘white privilege’ torch out into society and pass it on, just as was done with her.

After seeing how woke parts of America has become just in the last decade, what will America look like in 10 years?

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