Videos show abortion activists kicking, shoving and harassing peaceful pro-lifers

The absolute hatred of pro-lifers is well on display in these videos which show abortion activists using in-your-face intimidation tactics, including kicking, shoving and harassment against peaceful pro-lifers to try and get them to leave.

This happened at an abortion facility in Bristol, Tennessee:

Here’s more:

LIFENEWS – A series of videos shared with this week show abortion activists appearing to push, kick, mock and intimidate pro-life sidewalk counselors outside an abortion facility in Bristol, Tennessee.

The videos are yet more evidence of increasing harassment, intimidation and other incidents targeting those dedicated to protecting unborn babies and mothers from abortion.

Sammi Cooper, who runs the ministry A Cause for Christ, said pro-abortion protesters have become very aggressive toward her and others who stand regularly outside the Bristol Regional Women’s Center, hoping to help women and unborn babies in need.

In a video that Cooper shared dated Aug. 17, a pro-abortion escort can be seen approaching one of the sidewalk counselors and then leaning directly against the sign that she is holding.

“Stop pushing on my sign,” the sidewalk counselor says.

“Call the cops! Call the cops,” the pro-abortion escort taunts. “You know what they’ll do? Nothing.”

The video shows the escort continuing to stand up against the sign, and at one point pushing it into the woman. The woman asks the activist repeatedly to move away and stop pushing her, but the escort refuses.

At two separate points, the woman attempts to walk away, but the pro-abortion escort follows her closely and then begins pushing against the sign again. Later, the pro-abortion escort appears to shove and kick the sign while the woman holds it.

“Stop kicking my sign!” the woman says.

The pro-abortion escort smiles mockingly and replies: “What are you going to do about it? You can’t do anything about it.”

The video also captured a nasty comment from another abortion activist who mocked a supposedly infertile couple standing on the sidewalk offering to adopt a child.

“You childless b—-!” the activist can be heard saying. “Absolutely nothing in your womb and nothing ever gonna be in your womb.”

I must say these women dealing with angry baby-murderers are far more patient than I would have been. It would have been difficult for me not to react in that situation, especially if I had a little pepper-spray in my pocket.

I really think the only way to fight his kind of intimidation is with a lot more people. They might be able to block the signs of a few people. But when you have upwards of 20 or more people with signs, it becomes a fruitless task at that point.

Here are a couple more videos:

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88 thoughts on “Videos show abortion activists kicking, shoving and harassing peaceful pro-lifers

  1. One minute into the first video and I wanted to slap that *!#&* (I don’t curse). Two minutes in and I am cursing. I would have pinched her arm so hard if it was on my hand. Man, oh man, those idiots make my blood boil. I wonder if the pro-lifers ever report the harassment and what comes of it.

  2. We right to life people and other conservatives need to remember one thing. It’s different when they do it. Democrats abortionists and other liberals are allowed to do lots of stuff that we couldn’t get away with if we wanted to. (I know; why would we? But still.) Whether it’s kicking right to life protestors, wearing blackface, censoring our opponents, or using the “N” word, (the “C” word, the “A” word, the “S” word) they’re allowed and you’re not.

    Liberals can drive their car off a bridge and leave a girl inside to suffocate while they go make up excuses for not calling the police and still go on to become the “Lion of the Senate”. You can join the KKK and be proclaimed Exalted Cyclops, filibuster the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and still be the longest-serving U.S. Senator in history, get bridges and schools aimed after you etc. (Se also Democrats John Brown Gordon, Edward L. Jackson, Theodore G. Bilbo, etc.)

    “Call the cops. You know what they’ll do? Nothing.” They’re right.

    See what I mean? It’s different when they do it.

  3. If the cops won’t do anything for you then they won’t do anything for her either, punch her worthless lights out! These leftist antifa thugs need to be fought fire with fire!!!

  4. The protesters need taller signs, like on posts. Escorts could still block them if they hold up their umbrellas, but their arms would get awful tired.

  5. The woman harassing the anti-abortion lady has obviously had an abortion. She can’t let this lady succeed. Doing so would label her a murderer. She probably knows she is and seeing this sign is proof. That’s why she wants it removed.

  6. Their message? Never stand between a satanic baby murdering cult and their prey.

    May God have mercy on them…because I am sure struggling with it.

    1. So am I. To me they are scum. I try to pray for them but end up praying for the helpless little ones they think should be murdered. If there is one place a baby should be safe it’s in his/her mother’s womb. Unless the womb is part of a baby killing liberal scum woman.

      1. I pity the unborn child and even the mother who makes such a sinful decision. I pray for them both. But the people who enable it and preach their blasphemous doctrine of baby killing? Those people I truly struggle with loving.

        1. “But the people who enable the killing babies” is the Supreme Court. First they brought us the Dred Scot vs. Sandford case, then Roe vs. Wade and if I remember correctly, mans rule, Gods Rule and when they differ…

    2. Your comment reminds me of Lord of Rings:

      “Do not come between a Nazgul and his prey!”

      Perfectly apt for this instance, I would say.

  7. I have discovered that skunk spray works better than pepper spray as a deterrent. My pet skunk can clear a neighborhood.

      1. There ya go. That’s why I don’t participate in these reindeer games. I don’t have the patience to suffer these fools.

  8. Put the sign on the end of a broom handle.
    The only way they can get it down or block it is by assaulting your body first.
    Yea it gets tiring, holding it up…but we pass it off.
    This is what we do during out protests and it works great.

  9. These people don’t just act this way over abortion. This is the segment of our society that’s IN YOUR FACE, IN YOUR SPACE, and generally bullying their way thru life, over whatever they might disagree w/ you about. There’s a LOT of them out there, and they are EVERYWHERE. Our society has become crude/rude like never before.

  10. How do people refrain themselves from not slapping the sh!t out this broad,she would have tasted my backhand across her face.

    1. Tennessee is a stand your ground state. How do people refrain themselves from pulling out their gun and putting a cap in their ass?

    1. As much as these people sicken me I am still pro life no matter what but I understand where you’re coming from.

  11. The piece of garbage that was kicking the sign should have something done to it. The pro baby murder piece of garbage was kicking the sign while the person was holding it. That could be seen as assault. This group needs to hand this over to the police and those who got physical with side of life should be brought up on charges. These groups need to call police when the death cult starts the trouble. The side for life has a Constitutional right to be there. The death cult has no right to physically or verbally assault them.

    1. What I was hoping was that the 2 women holding the sign would time it so that as she leaned hard into the sign that they would let it go allowing her momentum to cause her to fall on the ground.

  12. Should’ve started preaching the Gospel to her and keep saying Jesus Loves You and holding a cross.. As demonic as the pro abort was she would’ve melted in her place.

  13. “You childless b—-!” the activist can be heard saying. “Absolutely nothing in your womb and nothing ever gonna be in your womb.”

    Yeah, that sums up the abortion industry.

  14. Well considering that they are all in on murdering babies it’s no surprise that they would be nasty people willing to kick signs and harass a childless couple. That’s who and what they are. Once you’ve crossed the line and think killing babies is fine then you are, IMO, scum.

  15. I have seen videos of pro-life people doing this same thing to women going into the clinics trying to prevent them from going in. Harassing them and some of the women turn around and leave. Yes, the pro-lifers got what they wanted but their behavior at times is just as bad as this woman harassing the pro-lifer.

    I don’t think either of them should be harassing each other. Pro-lifers should not block the clinics (as I have seen before) and likewise the pro-abortion crowd shouldn’t be harassing them as long as they are just holding signs and not obstructing.

    Some women are in turmoil during this process and I don’t think it’s right to harass them either. If you don’t like the law talk to your Congressmen instead of confronting women that have abortions. In other words…I don’t like vigilantes basically.

      1. OMG….are you seriously going to pretend that you have never seen pro-life activists harassing pregnant women going into the clinics? You’ve never seen them blocking the doors?

        You’re the one smoking the crack pipe.

        I don’t defend the women’s choice to get abortions (I disagree with it), but it’s legal and I DO defend their right to do as they wish as long as they obey the law without pro-life activists harassing them about it.

        1. I for one have never seen the blocking of doors and harassing people.

          And yes, I have smoked crack. Not proud of it. The 80’s were, well, the 80’s

          1. Lol, but you’re surely not smoking it now.

            I only told her that because she accused me of smoking crack just because she doesn’t believe me. I don’t care. I’ve seen it.

    1. I can only speak for the town I live in but those who protest abortion do it in a peaceful way , if the other side starts yelling and acting crazy like the ones in the above video they just ignore them or many times call the Sheriffs Dept.

      1. That sounds like they’re doing it the proper way. But blocking the clinic doesn’t necessarily appear to be violent or confrontational. Women trying to get in are afraid to attempt to get by.

        I’m basically saying it’s ok to protest but don’t obstruct or confront the women….IMO of course.

        As far as the pro-abortion lady in this video….I would have laughed if she got knocked on her butt.

        1. I respect your opinion Kong , I wish to God abortion had never been legalized. Innocent babies have no choice.

          1. I hear ya. The argument that it’s part of the mother’s body is a farce. Funny how not only does the mother not die at the clinic she walks out just fine. The baby is not part of the mother’s body.

            FYI….I don’t disagree with pro-lifers. I’m referring to confrontations at the clinics is all.

    2. I think that’s the exception rather than the rule, wheres with pro-abortionists it’s par for the course.

    3. Define harrassment. I”m sure what you saw were pro life people simply trying to talk to those women. I doubt that you saw them act as the women in these videos did.

      1. I’ve seen them block the entrance to the clinic and not allowing women to get through. I’m not pro-abortion but the law is what it is and harassment is harassment and not agreeing with the law is no excuse to harass women making a choice they disagree with.

        They may think they’re just “talking” to the women going in but the women going in don’t want the interference. Much like this pro-abortion lady is doing to the lady holding the sign. She was just talking but it’s harassment.

        IMO the people the pro-lifers should be confronting are legislators.

        1. I disagree Kong,those women holding those signs are making a last ditch effort to save that little Baby and other little babies lives by trying to get the attention of those women driving into those clinics.So instead of being neutral,take a stand,you are for the little baby who is about to die or not.

          1. I’m for respecting the law and changing it if you don’t like it. The women going into the clinics aren’t violating any laws so they shouldn’t be harassed. To me this is the same type of thing the left does using PC. What you’re saying may not be punishable by law but they will make sure they harass you to shut you up or change what you say. It’s just a different target. Instead of speech it’s abortion.

            You don’t like what those women are legally doing so you want them confronted directly even though they aren’t violating any law and aren’t violating any of your rights. You don’t have standing to represent those women’s babies other than through Congress….so go there.

          1. As long as the law is what it is you have no business trying to protect the unborn baby of a woman getting an abortion. She’s following the law even if you believe it to be immoral.

            Any “protecting” you do should be done at the voting booth and pressuring your congressmen. Confronting the women directly IMO is a disgrace.

  16. What a miserable existence. Having that much hatred towards people who cherish life and how precious it really is.

  17. Sunglasses on a rainy day – the antiFU of abortion clinics. These radicals have no right to attack people with other ideas on public streets.

  18. The satanic abortion industry knows no bounds. Shame on a country that has allowed these cowards to murder so many defenseless children.

  19. The aggressive protestor with her arms on the sign wanted the sign holder to move, The sign holder should have let go of the sign while stepping back and let the protester fall on her face, the natural consequence to giving the protester exactly what she wanted.

  20. If anyone ever had any doubts as to which side had the lunatics…

    What a nasty bunch they are! “Go ahead, call the cops, they won’t do anything! Take me to court. Whattaya gonna tell the judge?”

    What this b***h doesn’t get is that these videos could go viral, and even if she technically can’t be charged, her behavior is on display for the world to see. Forever.

    As for the behavior of the pro-lifer with the sign, I know it’s tempting to deck the b***h, but good for her for keeping her cool. It might have been satisfying in the moment but would have accomplished nothing.

  21. I wonder how effective one of those canister air horns might be every time they opened their vile, smug mouths?

  22. See, this is the problem Malcolm X had with Christians, including Doctor King. You people are just doormats. You think “turn the other cheek” means to let yourselves be stepped on, and even killed. Me, while I’m not a Muslim, I believe that the context of that statement did not mean to allow yourself to be the object of physical abuse and harm. Be it this hag, or ANTIFA thugs, I make it abundantly clear: personal space invasions are taken as a threat, and I will retaliate. Do not touch me, and I will not touch you. Do not approach me, in a belligerent fashion, and I will not be belligerent towards you. Disagree with me in civility, and we can have a discussion, and see if we can find common ground. If you are unable to do that, then we can find some other way to communicate.

    “Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery.” -Minister Malcolm X

  23. After about 3 minutes it was clear that this woman was determined to physically obstruct their demonstration. I would have called the police and asked them to maintain a 10-foot barrier between them and this woman. I think the police would have directed the woman to keep her distance or be charged with disorderly conduct.

  24. I know you are, but what am I? I know you are, but what am I? I know you are, but what am I? This is how incredibly petulent, self absorbed, self righteous, and deluded, these SJW’s are. They need a good whippin’.

  25. Does anyone in the Bristol area know this woman? Ignorant and arrogant, a deadly combination. I would bet she was bused in from elsewhere.

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