Videos show abortion activists kicking, shoving and harassing peaceful pro-lifers

The absolute hatred of pro-lifers is well on display in these videos which show abortion activists using in-your-face intimidation tactics, including kicking, shoving and harassment against peaceful pro-lifers to try and get them to leave.

This happened at an abortion facility in Bristol, Tennessee:

Here’s more:

LIFENEWS – A series of videos shared with this week show abortion activists appearing to push, kick, mock and intimidate pro-life sidewalk counselors outside an abortion facility in Bristol, Tennessee.

The videos are yet more evidence of increasing harassment, intimidation and other incidents targeting those dedicated to protecting unborn babies and mothers from abortion.

Sammi Cooper, who runs the ministry A Cause for Christ, said pro-abortion protesters have become very aggressive toward her and others who stand regularly outside the Bristol Regional Women’s Center, hoping to help women and unborn babies in need.

In a video that Cooper shared dated Aug. 17, a pro-abortion escort can be seen approaching one of the sidewalk counselors and then leaning directly against the sign that she is holding.

“Stop pushing on my sign,” the sidewalk counselor says.

“Call the cops! Call the cops,” the pro-abortion escort taunts. “You know what they’ll do? Nothing.”

The video shows the escort continuing to stand up against the sign, and at one point pushing it into the woman. The woman asks the activist repeatedly to move away and stop pushing her, but the escort refuses.

At two separate points, the woman attempts to walk away, but the pro-abortion escort follows her closely and then begins pushing against the sign again. Later, the pro-abortion escort appears to shove and kick the sign while the woman holds it.

“Stop kicking my sign!” the woman says.

The pro-abortion escort smiles mockingly and replies: “What are you going to do about it? You can’t do anything about it.”

The video also captured a nasty comment from another abortion activist who mocked a supposedly infertile couple standing on the sidewalk offering to adopt a child.

“You childless b—-!” the activist can be heard saying. “Absolutely nothing in your womb and nothing ever gonna be in your womb.”

I must say these women dealing with angry baby-murderers are far more patient than I would have been. It would have been difficult for me not to react in that situation, especially if I had a little pepper-spray in my pocket.

I really think the only way to fight his kind of intimidation is with a lot more people. They might be able to block the signs of a few people. But when you have upwards of 20 or more people with signs, it becomes a fruitless task at that point.

Here are a couple more videos:

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