[VIDEOS] Violent Antifa thugs rioted and smashed windows to stop Charlie Kirk from speaking at UC Davis

Last night Antifa thugs violently tried to stop Charlie Kirk from speaking at UC Davis.

They smashed windows outside the event venue where Kirk was slated to speak, and some reportedly made it in the building but were removed by police.

Here’s the videos:

These Antifa thugs were instigated by an article in the Sacramento Bee that told a blatant lie about Kirk, saying that he called for the lynching of trans people:

Kirk never made such a comment. He explains that this came from an interview he had with Riley Gains and that he never ever used the word ‘lynching’.

Kirk adds: “I NEVER once used the word “lynching” nor did it even cross my mind. In fact, I called specifically for PEACE, but they don’t want you to see that part.”

The Sacramento Bee eventually took the article down and corrected it, however Kirk said the author was still parroting the lie:

The author eventually deleted that tweet, but the rioting had already begun by then.

It wasn’t just the Sacramento Bee smearing Kirk. The Chancellor himself parroted these lies in an address to the students:

Because of all these lies by the Sacramento Bee and others, like the Chancellor, riot police had to show up and defend the event from these Antifa thugs:

Kirk did end up speaking last night, despite the Antifa thugs and their violent rioting:

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