Virginia school says if girls are uncomfortable showering with biological males, they are the problem…

A Virginia school is allowing “gender-expansive” students to use whatever restroom and locker room facilities that they want. And if a student is not okay with that, it’s their problem.

Seriously, Albemarle County Public Schools has a written policy that states someone’s discomfort is not a reason to deny a “gender-expansive” student access to a facility:

Here’s a larger version of the policy screenshot:

This is a horrific policy. Because of the school’s unyielding stance that biological males should be able to shower with females as long as they are labeled “gender-expansive”, girls are not going to object. Why? Because they don’t want to be labeled transphobes and risk retaliation just becomes they don’t want to shower with boys.

The policy gives prominence to fake females and victimizes actual females. It needs to stop and I hope the Virginia Governor is up to the task of dealing with this.

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