VP gets Kamalawkward AGAIN in CRINGE video of her trying and FAILING to get a laugh in France

How did it come to this, America? After all the talk from libs and the left about restoring the American image abroad – and remember, they think it needed to be restored because Trump dominated foreign leaders, bent them to our will, and didn’t take any crap from them, instead of being a bike riding, James Taylor CD gifting Nancy like John Kerry – they gave us Kamala ‘Kamalawkward’ Harris, she of the grating and inappropriately timed cackle.

In the latest in a LONG series of truly weird Harris moments, the VP* is in France and, I am not even kidding, used a comic fake French accent while talking to them like they would think it was funny.

They did not.

That polite woman in the lab coat trying hard to seem amused was so sad I cried some.

It hurts watching her. It hurts my brain and stomach and eyes.

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