WA state college allows transgender man to expose himself to young girls

Evergreen State College has a non-discrimination policy that prohibits them from stopping a transgender man from using the ladies locker room, male genitals and all. They argue based on state law that everyone must have equal access to facilities, regardless of sexual orientation:

FOX NEWS – A Washington college said their non-discrimination policy prevents them from stopping a transgender man from exposing himself to young girls inside a women’s locker room, according to a group of concerned parents.

“Little girls should not be exposed to naked men, period,” said David Hacker, senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defending Freedom. A group of concerned parents contacted the legal firm for help.

Hacker said a 45-year-old male student, who dresses as a woman and goes by the name Colleen Francis, undressed and exposed his genitals on several occasions inside the woman’s locker room at Evergreen State College.

Students from nearby Olympia High School as well as children at a local swimming club share locker rooms with the college.

According to a police report, the mother of a 17-year-old girl complained after her daughter saw the transgender individual walking naked in the locker room. A female swim coach confronted the man sprawled out in a sauna exposing himself. She ordered him to leave and called police.

The coach later apologized when she discovered the man was transgendered but explained there were girls using the facility as young as six years old who weren’t used to seeing male genitals.

“They’re uncomfortable with him being in there, her, being in there and are shocked by it,” parent Kristi Holterman told KIRO-TV.

According to the police report, the local district attorney probably will not pursue charges because he said the “criminal law is very vague in this area.”

Francis told KIRO-TV that he was born a man but chose to live as a woman in 2009. Francis said he felt discriminated against after he was told told leave.

“This is not 1959 Alabama,” Francis told the television station. “We don’t call police for drinking from the wrong water fountain.”

Hacker and local parents are outraged over the college’s response to the incident.

“The idea that the college and the local district attorney will not act to protect young girls is appalling,” he said. “What Americans are seeing here is the poisoned fruit of so-called ‘non-discrimination’ laws and policies.”


Since this began apparently officials have found a temporary solution not listed in the article above, a smaller private locker room for the Olympia School district to use. Here’s KIRO-TV’s video on this:

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156 thoughts on “WA state college allows transgender man to expose himself to young girls

  1. Wow America’s a fucked up country, looks like you’ll all be having a nice old fashioned civil war again soon by the sounds of some of you, And some violence would help to restore morality as you see it, humanity and human rites has to go back to the good old dark ages to make everything well again.

    However I totally agree with you on the point of this guy ‘is’ most likely just a sick pervert saying thier transgendered,& some one who should definitely not be allowed to be exposing themselves to women & young children, this is indecent and unacceptable behavior, whatever side of the fence you stand on.

    It is however naive & ignorant to say this is typical behavior of ‘all’ transgender people, and its always seems to be sensationalised by the media, whenever a ‘tranny’ does something, ‘the ratings’, sales of news papers,magazines etc go through the roof.

    No ‘real’ genuine person born transgendered would behave like this, they would feel completely embarassed and most pre ops (those still with male bits) would rather die by thier own hand than have anyone see them like that.

    Being transgendered does not automatically equal being a child molester, rapist or other depraived animal,
    Fact; transgender youth are known to have one of the highest rates of suicide of any minority groups, as being trans is the way they were born and they cannot help it anymore than some one born with down syndrome etc, so you cannot blame civil/womens rights activists for this.

  2. Wow America’s a fucked up country, looks like you’ll all be having a nice old fashioned civil war again soon by the sounds of some of you, And some violence would help to restore morality as you see it, humanity and human rites needs to go back to the good old dark ages to make everything ‘normal & good again.

    However I totally agree with you on the point of this guy ‘is’ a sick pervert,and should be not allowed to expose themself to women & young children is totaly indecent behavior, if a private area is not provided should keep the clothes on

    It is however naive & ignorant to say this is typical behavior of ‘all’ transgender people, and its always seems to be sensationalised by the media, whenever a ‘tranny’ does something, ‘the ratings’, sales of news papers,magazines etc go through the roof.

    No ‘real’ genuine person born transgendered would behave like this, they would feel completely embarassed and most pre ops (those still with male bits) would rather die by thier own hand than have anyone see them like that.

    Being transgendered does not automatically equal a child molester, rapist or other peditory scary wacko, they are known to have one of the highest rates of suicide of any minority group,not hard to see why when most treat them as less than human, and being this way is just how they were born, they cannot help it, just as anyone born with down syndrome or the like is not responsible for thier condition either.

  3. This article is disgusting and you might as well just start using the N word to describe African Americans and the R word to describe the Developmentally disabled. What is wrong with you? Seriously!
    It is not HER fault that SHE was born into a body that defied HER true self. It is a birth defect and is one that happens far too often. It is sad to see such hate speech. I guess this is why we live in America, but I would truly hate to hear what you truly think about minorities, non-Christians, and the homosexual world.
    At church yesterday, they talked about voting for who was right for Christianity. Last I checked, above all else, Jesus preached about love for your fellow person. I am speaking about Jesus, not Paul the murderer/woman hater/closet homosexual. It is 2012 people, lets start acting like it.

  4. So I can go to Washington state, claim that I choose to identify as a female, and I can go in the women’s locker room and look at naked women? I guess I know where I am going for vacation.

  5. He said they need and education. No, they are smart enough to know that you are a sick man with male parts. You need an education, either cut them off or stay out of the girls room. If that were my daughter, I would have kicked you in those male parts of yours for exposing them to my daughter.

  6. He says that the girls need an education. Wake up freak! Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? The girls know enough to figure out what you haven’t. Your a male! Either cut them off or stay out of the girls room sicko! If that were my daughter, I would have kicked you in your male parts.

  7. Have you people out west completely lost your minds????? A previous noter got it right when he stated that these circumstances come from electing liberal candidates who approve liberal judges who let this kind of thing occurr.

    1. Unfortunately, we out here in the West/Northwest don’t have a monopoly on this kind of leftist (‘liberal’ is their preferred ‘brand’ name) lunacy. It has been permeating our culture for too many years now.

      That is why this election is so critical. I hope and pray that we can begin to start bringing common sense and moral values back to our country.

  8. LOL I LOVE it! They reap what they sow. Call yourself transgendered and laws don’t apply to you!!!

    Men, put a wig on and walk around the girls locker rooms naked. Just wear a sign saying you are transgendered and you are good to go.

  9. WAS! IS and will ALWAYS BE A MAN!!! Sick Pervert!!!

    If I put cute rabbit ears on my dog does he become a rabbit? Hell NO!

    Same thing applies! If you were born a man you will die a man!

    Put it another way, no amount of body work on my Ford Explorer will make it a Ferrari, even if it kinda looks like one!

    Lastly… Outward change is BS… A man can not become a woman because a man cannot ever have children!!!

    Oh this gets me riled right up!

    1. I’d like to know how the women at the college feel about it. I doubt they would be comfortable showering with a man just because he tries to look like a woman. It would be extremely creepy and a violation of privacy.

      1. If I were a woman there, I’d demand he be removed as he is violating MY right to privacy! Why should the Heeshee’s rights trump my natural rights?? Why do the freaks always seem to have more rights than the rest of us???!?!

        1. It’s the liberals’ lame way of showing they respect the rights of minorities, but it goes way beyond that. They squash our rights to make the minorities happy, and that’s B.S.

  10. How special. This creepy looking fruitcake is getting lots of attention for being a creepy looking fruitcake. It’s simple, a sodomite is demanding attention and doesn’t care how disgusting he acts as long as he gets his made up rights.

  11. Wow. He couldn’t have had the decency to cover himself up at the least in the sauna and walking around??? I mean I don’t want to go into the sauna in the men’s locker room and see another dude all sprawled out just letting it hang out. Put a towel on. And he thought that it was fine and no-one might get offended because here’s a naked dude in a women’s locker room just having his genitals all out for everyone to see?? I mean that thought didn’t cross his mind that someone may be uncomfortable with that?? Have some common sense. This is why people don’t like the LGBT community. He can’t, for the small percent of the time he spends there go to the men’s locker room?? Why?? Is he offended there?? C’mon man.

    And the swim coach had it right when she called him “him” before changing it to “her”. Just because he dresses like a woman doesn’t mean he’s a woman. Unreal.

  12. This interview is quite interesting. This is the guy who was stuck in Hawaii because he was put on the no fly list. It appears that he was put on the list for his political affiliations and things that he had said, and contacted representatives about. He was involved in a prepping group, and was infiltrated by federal agents. He verified that the person who entered his group had lied about his background, and was a federal agent. The agent claimed to be a Navy SEAL.

  13. 4 plus 4 equals 8. Small groups of socity could argue that 4+4=9 but it would not change the fact that that 4+4 is 8. This is a lame illustration I know. But the truth is we are born male and female. To refer to this person as a “Her” is a false statement. The second issue is concerning the rights of the other females in the locker room. What of their privicy, and embarsement of having this man openly exposing himself to them. He has no concern for their well being as displayed by his actions. Only his selfish motives, in not caring for the effects of his actions.
    We need to wake up as a sociaty. When we allow actions of this nature to take place and the few cry out under a banner of acceptance, with no reguard to the negitive effects on others, perhaps it is time stand for what is right and seek out what is true.

    1. exactly. So a man exposes himself to a young woman and is arrested for indecent exposure. This guy walks around naked in a woman’s locker room and hangs out naked in a woman’s sauna and it’s ok because “he feels like he’s a woman”. Have we as a society drifted so far that this is somehow ok?

  14. This state is going to hell in a handbasket. I remember the days when Ronald Reagan won this state two times!
    I have no idea what on God’s green earth happened to the people. This state is about to legalize same sex marriage and marijuana. I don’t even want to know what is next.

  15. This is Political Correctness to the absolute and extreme nth degree. We can no longer apply any kind of Common Sense to these situations, because we are too busy stepping all over our morality trying so hard not to offend anyone.

    B*ll S**t!!! We need to cut out the evil root of PC and just start letting these fools get their feelings hurt. AAh. (I know, I’m a hard hearted woman!)

    1. You are standing your ground and far from hard hearted – they get away with this by portraying us that way.

  16. This is every perverts dream just pretend to be a transgender and to get expose yourself all you want. What fools the people in education are.

    1. They are not fools – they know exactly what they are doing. They first ensured all the laws, policies, and authorities were in place to allow them to do this.

      It is we, who have given perverts like this rights over us and our children, who are fools.

  17. When did transgender people and the gay community in general become such bullies? This person just wants attention … isn’t that the main reason they go for the change ? That’s my opinion anyway, and I am sticking to it. They want doctors, nurses and anybody and everybody involved in their change to touch them, see them, cut them here, cut them there, attach some flesh here, attach some more there. It’s all about “look at me” “look at me” “look at me” PERIOD !!! Zero self esteem.

    1. “When did transgender people and the gay community in general become such bullies?”

      When they became “community”, a movement. The goal of all “movements” is to threaten, intimidate and bully the voters into giving them special rights not granted to other citizens. This is power above the law and the US Constitution.

      Women’s “movement”, civil rights “movement”, hispanic “movement”, GLBT “movement”, gay marriage “movement”, all the same goal. Power.

  18. Insanity. “HE” feels discriminated against. “HE” made a choice. “HE” does not get to foist HIS manparts onto children– whether he is a man or a woman.

  19. He knew exactly what he was doing he’s a classic sex predator, his lines are rehearsed, and he got his intended result. He will continue to damage children until he is stopped.

    1. Exactly. Limitless pedophilia is the wet dream of the left. Woody Allen is the hero of the Letterman cocktail crowd.

      That is why this pervert in Washington is not prosecuted and why this local news glamorizes the story.

  20. Lock the the board of this college in a very small room with this Transvestite not Transgender he still has all intact – And let the board look at his male anatomy for hours on end……

  21. I am going to be crude: If you say you’re transgendered to a specific sex, you should avail yourself of the necessary tools, the court will decide who you are upon proof. Prove that you are now a woman!

    While this is not the crux of the matter, it remains that adult strangers and little girls should not be sharing the same lockers. That college should revise their rule; it is highly indecent!

    1. He will never be a woman. He is now a cross dresser. Surgery would make him she-male or a transgender-male.

      If this was a psychological problem or a genetic problem he would have the respect to just stay out of the locker room. His intentional activist actions and attitude make it clear that he is a criminal – a pedophile and flasher.

  22. If it looks like a snake and acts like a snake.

    Someone should twist that thing off for him.

    I’m talking about that thing on his shoulders and let him flop around like a chicken.

  23. Notice how the news calls the pervert a “woman”. A pedophile gets a few hormone shots for full admission to the girls locker room.

    Where are the hell are fathers of these girls? There was a day a perverted flasher like this would have been dealt with quite “fairly”.

    This lies squarely in our laps. This is where the left was going with their deceptions about “non discriminatory” and GLBT policies.

    Time to take our county, our families, our future back.

  24. Evergreen State College will demonstrate their full support of their non-discrimination policies by having their female members, especially those aged 16 and younger, share the same locker room as this “transgendered” female.

    It’s a good thing I can’t reach whoever is responsible for this.

    1. They are laughing in ours as we grant them the protection of the law to abuse and exploit the most innocent among us.

  25. This is the crux of the battle between us ‘intolerant’ straights and the LGBT (or whatever alphabet soup they are). They force their ways upon us out in the open where all have to see. Keep your junk to yourself and I won’t complain. Don’t shove it in our faces (no pun intended).

    Secondly, this guy is not transgendered. He’s merely a cross-dresser. If these laws allow this, then what is to stop a man from doing the same thing and when confronted, just say, “Hey, I consider myself a woman”. It’s outrageous that they let this go on.

    If I tried this in my town (and let me tell you, I never would), I would immediately be arrested and they may just lose the key (and rightly so).

  26. According to the police report, the local district attorney probably will not pursue charges because he said the “criminal law is very vague in this area.”

    The law isn’t vague, political correctness is running amok and there is nobody with the gonads to make a stand.

    1. The law would come into focus really fast if the father of every girl and young woman in his district showed up in is office one morning.

      1. Oh my Lord I forgot about that..that is going too far…I was thinking about women who are anywhere covering up the baby and their breast that has never bothered me..I didn’t think about the ones who carry on until they are five..they have a full set of teeth…crazy…The poor kids…

  27. “Transgender woman”, and “she”. Really? If that thing is sporting junk then it is male. No one can think themselves a different gender, and if this individual has some crazy genetic issue we have never heard of why not at least show some respect and humility and not expose itself to young girls!

    And the nerve of this ……. to compare this to the struggle of civil rights for minorities is disgusting. The issues of equal rights, no matter the color of one’s skin, religion or gender, vs: this creep perversion are not even comparable.

  28. so 3 years trump 42 years..go use the men room until such time that you become brave enough to lose you know what

  29. This is just one example of the dangers of continuing to ignore (culturally sanction) the epidemic (and academically sanctioned) sexual confusion in our culture.

  30. So let me get this straight, a male goes spread eagle in a womens pool/locker-room and they make the girls use the small temporary locker-room. And I am sure those blacks that were standing up for freedom and equality will love being belittled and compared to a cross-gender exhibitionist. Clearly that is one ugly him/her. And how is it one person has more rights than 50! That is child abuse no matter what you call it. Liberals!

    1. This all a planned and well executed strategy to sabotage the foundations of the Nation: that all men are created equal, whose rights are inalienable because the are granted by God.

      Granting a person special rights not granted other citizens, gives them ultimate power over those other citizens. This is the goal of all “rights movements” engineered by American socialists. Women’s “rights”, civil “rights”, ethnic “rights”, sexual orientation “rights”, gay marriage “rights”, children’s “rights”, animal “rights” …does not matter, the left will exploit any thing we let them,

      They are many steps ahead of us playing chess, we, checkers.

  31. No women, no matter the age should be exposed to this disgusting creature nor be forced to undress and be in an area where they could be sexually assaulted. There needs to be 5 locker rooms, males, females, yuck, gays, lesbians. It’s sexual harassmen no matter how you look at it.

  32. I think in order to get a ticket into “that ride” (the ladies bathroom), you should have to pay the ticket of a full operation. Plus, women don’t parade around. Learn the mannerisms, dude!

    1. If it were my daughter in that locker room I would beat the crap out of that SOB, full operation or not. If the cops cannot do their job the people must.

      1. *Ahem* I’m the “1 more” that liked you comment. I’m sick and tired of the “One” ruling the “many”.

        Like the principal and my son’s old elementary banning Christmas for all because one mother was offended.

  33. Many of us, as parents, encourage higher eduacation for our children.
    Higher education(!) not an attempt of indoctrination or pedophile perverted exposure!
    Furthermore, we and/or our children are expected to pay astronomical amounts for this privilege!
    It’s simply criminal!

  34. This freak is using that locker room to roam around naked and expose children while perverting a law. He knows he’s doing it and he’s laughing at authorities and daring them to stop him. He’s nothing more than an evil pedophile and he should be thrown out of the facility! Geez…is common sense too far a reach for law enforcement!

  35. Wow!! I am irritably exhausted to hear more news of cretins and their damn hidden agendas that are not only despicable but immoral. Yes, that is right!! IMMORAL!!! Psychotic to the highest order!! I’m tired, folks!!

  36. A man by any other name is still a man. He should not be in the women locker room. Just because he wants to be a woman he is not.

  37. I never understood the “transgender” label. Gender is male or female and is determined by your genitalia. I do understand that there are genetic mutations, but most “transgender” people are making a choice.

    Also, there is no such thing as “being gay”. Homosexuality is not a state of being. It is a chosen behavior.

    All I see is a guy dressed like a girl wanting to be treated like a girl. There is no label for that, except perhaps “lost soul”. I pray for peace in his life. Choosing a destructive lifestyle while pretending it is otherwise must be difficult. You are still one of God’s children, whether you appreciate that or not.

  38. In liberal America, this abomination is a woman. I…don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    Coincidentally: has anyone noticed he has been dressing up as a woman since 2009?

  39. I’ve been thinking of myself as a brain surgeon since 2009. You can call me “Doctor.”

    Pfft. Dude, you’re a man. Wearing women’s clothes and pumping yourself with hormones is not going to change your DNA. Get over it.

    1. Wearing women’s clothes and pumping yourself with hormones is not going to change your DNA.

      Excellent point….but I thought it was the liberals that were all about science.

  40. Was it having sex in the bathroom? If not, then sexual orientation cannot be a deciding factor as to which bathroom to use. If your boys are hanging, you use the men’s room. Period. How you use them is your business.

  41. Just another example of liberalism kicking it’s own tail. When your working theory is 100% wrong, you can expect much wrong to occur. Wrong is rampant in this country. Other countries too. Between progressivism and Islam, utopia is a hellhole.

    Is Christianity, Judaism (and the other peaceful religions of this world) the only things holding things together? The only remaining restraining force on this orb? Yep.

    I’m waiting for more of the left to wake up to what they’ve created. It’s often described as growing up. I think many have, and are. I don’t want the cultural pendulum to swing back. It’s already back. I want it to swing forward, like it was before it swung back.

    The left has masqueraded their agenda as “forward” for a hundred years. It ain’t forward. It isn’t sideways either. It’s backward. Someone needs to pin the tail on this donkey.

    I’m trying. You are too.

  42. First up, this is not a ‘transgendered woman’.
    The tv report fails to report that this person still has the male equipment endowed at birth. Dressing as a woman before completing that process doesn’t mean a thing in these circumstances. The external evidence of masculinity has not been removed, according to the Fox report.

    And for this person to compare himself to a citizen forced to drink from a separate water fountain is just outrageous. Clear proof that far-leftism is a mental disease, devoid of logic and in this case basic decency

      1. So right – they ommitted the entire point of the complaints! Just wanting sympathy for a supposed ‘victim’. Truly reprehensible.

  43. If s/he still has male genitalia, why can’t s/he use the male locker room?

    It is astonishing that this person insists on ‘her’ rights, without regard to that of the young girls. But then,s/he is of the generation of ‘me-me-me’.

    1. Yep! That certainly was the me-me-me generation!! They are (in my opinion) LARGELY responsible with the destruction of this country, either by actively participating in its’ destruction or by sitting back and watching without even TRYING to stop it (especially by not voting). And yet, they are ALSO the generation that will constantly blame MY generation (I’m 26) for the downfall of this country, even though I just recently gained the right to vote!!! It’s insanity at its’ finest!

      1. It is insane – and yours not the only generation these people blame. I’m a great-granny, and they blame my generation for using up all the money – and for actually still being alive.
        What is the most despicable thing that generation is doing is to try and incite generational warfare between your and my generation.

  44. It was just a matter of time. And the slippery slope takes us lower still. Oh yeah! It can get worse. Reelect BHO and see!

    1. This is where counterfeit marriage eventually leads to — an open door for anything and everything. Because once the definition of marriage, the roles of mom’s and dad’s, and the role of males and female is erased, anything goes.

      There are no more distinctions. Gays and lesbians, transgender alike can use locker rooms, gyms, bathrooms, whatever, and the law will support it.

      In Massachusetts, where counterfeit marriage is legal, they have already erased the line between male and female identity. Marriage licenses which once read Groom and Bride now read: “Party A” male or female and “Party B” male or female. From there they began to teach gender neutrality in schools. It has even branched out from there.

    2. As much as we want to get out we cannot cede territory. I live near Chicago (ugh), and I stay to keep the resistance on the progressives.

      Stay and keep up the good fight.

    1. I bet they’d not hesitate to have ‘women only’ sessions to accomodate the muslims, even if there are only a handful.

      1. I suspect there is a separate worship room for moooslims given the # of employees at the college. Employers have to provide one in MN and pay them to practice islam

      2. Good point. There must not be any muslim women at that school. He wouldn’t be in the locker room very long.

      1. Sadly, not in this state. Washington has gone the way of Lenin’s Russia.
        No kidding, Seattle (the Fremont district) has a statue of Vladimir Lenin. It’s adored.

    2. Evergreen St. College has to be one of the most liberal colleges in America. The faculty is comprised of the sickest, most vile, liberal, marxists, humanists on the planet.
      I would disown a child of mine before allowing any of them to have attended that cesspool.

      1. When our son went out of state of college he was still 17. After about 3 weeks we emailed the RA at his dorm because even thou we had talked to our son we wanted to make sure things were going ok. The RA’s response was something like- its time to let go mom and dad. Hes in college now, and an adult. Unless he is caught doing hard drugs in his room, setting a fire, or commiting a felony- you wont hear from me- and if you have any more questions- here is the Dean of students number. I was floored. First of all, he had just turned 17. Second, when we “dropped” him off, that wasnt the way we were treated- and WOW- we just didnt expect that kind of response.

        Six weeks into the first term, our son, contracted Meningitis. The emergency room blamed it on dirty dank locker rooms. We still have no idea- But whatever.
        Anyway—He had a friend call us from the ER. He was too sick. He went from headache to very very ill within hours. —-BUT the ER couldnt treat him, because he was only 17. …..We NEVER did hear from the school re the illness or that RA.
        In a frantic pace, my husband packed a bag and headed to the airport to get there as quick as he could.
        Its funny, the school would barely work with our son- or us- they didnt want to interact with us….the lowly parents. BUT we insisted. That was at a week out.
        Once we realized that our son was going to take more than a month to recuperate and the teachers or should I say Professors werent willing to cooperate- we (convinced him to remain at home)—- brought him back from college for good.
        My husband was still there- packed up a few personal items and pretty much gave away all of the stuff we had just bought for the room.

        The liberal colleges are very unhelpful at least in our experience when it comes to anything on the admin side. They dont even care if the parents are paying for school. You arent even allowed access to grades unless your child puts you on the record as an OK to view- or gives you their password.

        Thank Goodness our son came back. It was a blessing in disguise. That was 6 years ago. He has since finished his Bachelors, Masters, is teaching/coaching, and is working towards his Ph D. (oh and he’s still conservative)

        1. All I ever needed to know about that sleeze-ridden cess pool is in that article. I really hate not being able to speak how I really feel in these cases… What planet were you raised on anyway? Or is that raised ‘in?’ URANUS? What a moronic “Query?”

        2. I have ties to that school. And what those ties are are none of your business.
          It’s a cesspool of marxist ideology.
          Have you ever been to that campus? Did you attend Evergreen?
          You do realize I can throw your stupid comment right back at you, right?
          Wait…you’re a liberal, logic is meaningless.

  45. It’s unbelievable what liberals have changed in our society. What’s next?

    Liberals are destroying our country.

  46. I seriously hope he gets his ass beaten the first time he tries to get “cute” and expose himself to kids. The idea that it’s up to a judge to decide what is a man or woman is insanity. It’s pretty easy….if it’s an innie, you’re a woman- If it dangles, then you’re a guy.

    Edit: Does TRS have a sense of humor or what? I think it’s evident now, why he posted that old clip right before posting this one. Brother and sister-

  47. I bet he has a raincoat and hangs out at the library too…a very snazzy and fashion forward raincoat of course.

  48. This used to be considered a crime in this country. Moral bankruptcy has taken over. I’m not going to watch. The description in the title says more than enough to me- this is disgusting!

    1. Dear 2vs20, I watched it and am sorry for doing so. You have missed nothing, and your take on it is completely accurate. God bless and try to have a good day, as for me I feel sick.

  49. What about all those parents paying for their kids tuition, that really care what is going on at school? I know the World Series just ended, but still, this justifies the fathers of these kids ‘going to bat’, and ‘hitting a few home runs’, don’t you think?

    1. Leave his head on, remove the brain and stick him in Congress amongst the many friends of degenerates.

  50. This is also true in Montgomery County, MD with bathrooms, etc.

    Our children…….how much they have to UNDO to just have some feeling of safety.

  51. It’s simple you got a penis you go to mens locker room. If you want to go into the womens get it cut off. Problem solved.

  52. I grew up in that state…. they also allow nude bicycle riders in public parks citing some ‘rights’ issue. The media up there has been promoting liberal agendas for as long as I can remember. It’s overboard up there.

    1. Well then, when the shooting starts, take them out first and foremost as they promote it and embrace it so there can’t be any confusion as to why they’re lumped in with the enemy.

    1. Exactly, like there’s absolutely no agenda at work here…no, no…just a gender confused sweet ?? waiting to be understood. That why he wants to dangle his hated man parts in front of girls in the shower. SICK FREAK!

    1. A simple logical circumstance after voting for DemonRats time and again. Hey, we tried and tried, wasted our time to no avail and you liberal enlightened women voted for this anyway so you get what you paid for. Hope you’re happy with the results.

      History has a funny little knack for rewarding stupid decisions and this will be no different.

    2. God help my sons, (NOT the pervert in the dress) if one of them should go into a ladies bathroom with their wives at the same time.

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