Walid Phares: Everybody knows Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood

Walid Phares says that the question isn’t IF Obama supports the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood group, but WHY he supports them:

Here is Phares weighing in this morning on both Syria, their chemical weapons, and Egypt:

Yesterday there was a post at Walid Shoebat’s website that said the number of protesters in the whole country of Egypt isn’t in the thousands, but rather in the millions. In the video above Phares also said that millions are protesting in different cities in Egypt. These protests are truly much larger than I realized and makes the idea of civil war in Egypt much more likely. In fact, even this morning Morsi is said to have vowed “he would never tolerate anyone working for the overthrow of his government”.

Let me remind you of the scripture that Walid Shoebat has talked about in the past and posted yesterday:

Isaiah 19:2And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians: and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbor, city against city and kingdom against kingdom.

It looks like this is exactly what we are headed for in Egypt.

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40 thoughts on “Walid Phares: Everybody knows Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood

  1. Now you see why Obama needs to raise your taxes. Tis gonna cost some money (read taxpayer $$$$$$$$$) to support Morsi and the muslim brotherhood.

  2. Check out “The Right Scoop” site, the Walid Shoebat video where he explains the role of the middle east in the final battle against the anti-Christ.

  3. As long as Valerie Jarrett, who was born in Iran, still runs the WhiteHouse, we will always have a Muslim-leaning foreign policy.

    The first Arab Spring in Egypt was a fake protest. This new, real protest will cost the Egyptians many lives. The goal is a Caliphate across the Muslim world, as we all know, with perhaps Egypt fighting Jordan for the claim to fame.

    The final goal is the destruction of Israel, which Obama has no problem with. I believe we are in the end times.

    1. I believe we are living in End Times, also. And G-d has us here at this time for a purpose and it is up to us to learn G-d’s purpose for us and follow HIM.

    1. When there was a question as to Obama’s eligibility in ’06 and ’07, Congress poo-pooed it away and declared McCain eligible so Obama’s problem was no big deal.

      After Obama was elected in ’08, information came out about Obama’s ineligibilty and people poo-pooed it away, saying he was already elected, so just defeat him in ’12 and we will be alright.

      When it was shown that Obama’s paperwork for eligibility was potentially fraudulent in ’11, people poo-pooed it away, saying all we had to do was defeat him. It was too close to the election, anyway.

      Now it is 2012. Obama has been in office four years and will remain there for four more, barring any catastrophic event. People are still poo-pooing away any attempts to remove him from office.

      We just need to wait for his third and fourth terms (using Michelle as a front) before doing anything. It’s no big deal, right?

  4. Obama would support the Boy Scouts if their mission was to destroy Israel, and institute Sharia around the globe…

  5. “Those who do not learn from History are forced to repeat it” said a famous philosopher once.

    The way the West, and especially the POS in the WH, have been ‘dealing’ with the muslim brotherhood reminds me very much of the time in Germany in January 1933. At that time, the non-Nazi right wing politicians who formed the ‘government’ forced the senile Chancellor Hindenburg to agree to take Hitler into the government. Their reasoning was that they could control him once he was inside, bound to government procedures.

    Well, we all know how that turned out …

    It’s the same with the muslim brotherhood: the POS, Hillary, and the EU bureaucrats thought they could ‘deal’ with him once he’s bound to normal proceedings.

    Well, we now see how that is turning out in Egypt – and huge kudos to the brave young men and women who are standing up against having sharia law enforced in the ‘constitution’ they’re asked to accept.

  6. Nobody dares to talk about the elephant in the room……..but in Obama’s case there is a herd of huge elephants………and we are silent because we don’t want to be called racists. But actually the whole strategy of the Democratic Communist Party to defeat conservatives is based on the color of the President. This is what I call the Black Immunity. We need to understand that the word racism has been also taken out of context because all human beings have the same race.
    To have another color as the President doesn’t make us racist per se nor should withhold us from expressing our opinion. What human kind really does is impose ideas and power over others by using propaganda and/or brutal violence and we have seen this all throughout history: In Africa Blacks enslaving Blacks, in Europe Whites enslaving Whites, in China Mao enslaving his own people and the same is true for the former USSR. And in the case of the U.S.A., nowadays we still have Blacks enslaving Blacks like Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and others. And what drives me nuts is that we don’t call them racists, but Black Leaders??!!

  7. One of the things which struck me was when Walid said the administration was 2 years late in Syria. The question: was it intentonal? When I remember how Obama did nothing to help the Iranian opposition when the people were prostesting and look at Syria I believe it is not stupidity but a willful decision to help the Islamists take over the Middle East. Two plus two will always equal four.

  8. It is a planned chaos toward an economic end game. Obama is expected to do his part. It could not be achieved if the USA interfered in a non supportive way. These poor people are just expendable pawns being turned against one another to create the chaos which will eventually “justify” The New World Order stepping in, from behind the curtain, and plundering the vast natural resources of the Continent of Africa. It will be for their own good. Meanwhile our media will focus on the small picture of fiscal cliffs, chemical weapon threats, fledgling three stage rockets in North Korea and a host of other misdirection ploys.

  9. I hope that Christians have prepared themselves and are right with God. As long as Christians are obediant and persue Christ and holiness in their lives and their witness, this nation will be okay. If we remain lukewarm… well, we’ll be ashamed when the Lord returns. And wow… it sure seems like He’s coming back soon.

    Supporting the MB is like hugging a Black Mamba. You will always get bit, poisoned and die. Obama ought to just come out of the Muslim closet now that the lemmings of this country re-elected him. He’s got nothing to hide now. Why should he hide? He’s been supporting the MB for years and pooping on Israel at every turn. Where’s the media? Oh yeah, getting invited to the WH so Obama can reward them for their obediance.

    This is all scary stuff. Pray.

    1. You got me thinking. Isn’t there usually a WH Christmas party; so if they;re in Hawaii what happens? I was so looking forward to it. LOL

  10. The next two or three months will tell the tale in both Egypt AND Syria. I don’t expect either country to turn out well. Egypt is facing an outright civil war between pro and anti Muslim Brotherhood supporters. Syria, which is already involved in a civil war, may widen the fighting by using chemical weapons. How the west reacts to that is anybody’s guess, although I don’t think any western troops will risk their lives for Syria. It’s a mess but, hey, people like Obama, Clinton, and Susan Rice actually WANTED this to happen and think it’s a good thing. With people like that running our foreign policy, it’s a wonder anybody will be left alive by next year.

    1. You’re more optimistic than I. I question how America will make it through till December 31st 2012. Four more years of President Hussein have yet to begin.

    2. and I can also think of whom is the vessel that made those events fly as were foretold by Patriarchs and Prophets of the GOOD BOOK, could that be the man-child-in chief in potus

      1. Scripture tells us about the “False Prophet” that will lead the way for the AntiChrist. Potus may or may not be this “prophet”, but it is an interesting thought.

  11. So much of left-wing thought is a kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot. ~George Orwell

    As somebody already posted, the Muslim Brotherhood is well infiltrated into our government, law enforcement, military, intelligence agencies, etc. It is going to bite us at some point.

  12. There is a definite pattern in Obama’s responses to the events in the Middle East. Unfortunately, he has demonstrated for the Muslim Brotherhood and and other Islamic extremists in the region and we are even supplying them with arms that will be used against us.

    I don’t think any of these actions are the mistakes of an amateur President. He is supporting Islam – period.

    1. Spot on. F-35s to Turkey? Letting a Muslim nation have access to this top secret technology? Madness!!!!!!

      1. It is just now coming to light that the arms used against our consulate in Benghazi may have been provided to the Islamist extremists when they were rebelling against Qaddafi. This is crazy!

    1. Good point. How funny that Michelle gets mocked while Boehner behaves so badly. We should be so fortunate to have Michelle as the Speaker…

  13. I think the glimpse of the Muslim Brotherhood through Hillary’s Houma shows its deep roots within this administration.

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