Walid Shoebat: Terrorism hearing testimony in absentia

Since Walid Shoebat was not invited to Peter King’s hearing on Islamic radicalization in America he has submitted his own testimony in absentia. It’s a very good read (emphasis mine):

By Walid Shoebat, former Islamic Terrorist

For the Record my name is Walid Shoebat, I used to be a radicalized Muslim willing to die for the cause of Allah until I converted to Christianity in 1994. I was involved in terror activity, a member of the PLO, was imprisoned in Jerusalem for three weeks where I was recruited to plant a bomb in Bethlehem in which thank God no one was injured. My Mother was an American and my father a Palestinian Arab. My parents sent me in 1978 to United States to study at the Loop College in Chicago Illinois. There I was recruited at a hotel “terror conference” by Jamal Said a founder of the IAP (Islamic Association of Palestine) and the Imam at one of the largest mosques in Chicago. The IAP was a forerunner to today’s Hamas terror organization and also to CAIR (Council for American Islamic relations). This was in the early 1980s when I was being trained for Jihad activities in the USA along with many other young foreign students and US citizens. The Imams are the prime recruiters for terrorism then as they are still today. The ‘terror conferences” are held all over the USA to this day, here is a link to give a sample on video on one such terror conference which was held in 1989 in Kansas, over twelve years before 9/11 attacks.

Jamal Said is still the Imam today of the Bridgeview Mosque in Chicago and based on my eye witness testimony he is a terrorist, funds terrorists and is a major player in the operations of the Jihadi movements in the USA, yet he is still free at large. He would today be the Islamic equivalent of a Godfather in the Mafia. I state the above so you know Congressman King with my background and firsthand knowledge of the issue. I speak to the American people as to warn and educate of the very great dangers, which are very under played both by our media and our political leaders.

Now you have brief details of my background I would like to offer my expert opinion if you can call me an expert but may be an experienced former terrorist would be more appropriate.

We in America focus on Al-Qaeda, yet it is not only Al-Qaeda but also other Islamic terror groups, yet our administration focuses on a narrow tunnel? Let’s look at some examples: Abu Mezer, during 2007, had similar intent to blow up a subway system. He was a member of Hamas, not Al-Qaeda. While Najibullah Zazi was Al-Qaeda, Shahzad was Taliban and Abu-Mezer was of Hamas, which one is a greater threat? All of these terrorists were influenced in one way or another by the Muslim Brotherhood, the cartel and mother umbrella of all terror organizations.

Our policy as Al-Qaeda being the number one threat is an incorrect premise. All Islamist organizations should be a priority beginning with CAIR and ISNA (Islamic Association of North America). These promote the jihad terror agenda and responsible for radicalization along with the MSA (Muslim Students Association). The US University campuses are a major recruiting ground for terrorists.

All terrorists are radicalized through undue influence by Islamist organizations as well from abroad and their local mosque. The US home grown terrorists Zazi and Shahzad traveled to Qatar and Pakistan in August 2008 in an attempt to reach Afghanistan. They intended to “conduct jihad against the America [the] occupier,” they said.

We need to stop recognizing the legitimacy of Muslim pressure groups. Understand that these so-called moderate Muslims are proven to not what they present themselves to the media and the public, and are part and parcel of the Muslim Brotherhood apparatus to distract the public and mislead people on the issues of the radical Muslim agenda.

Imam Rauf who has been given a level of respect by our government is a supporter of the Terrorists, he said in Arabic “People asked me right after the 9/11 attacks as to why do movements with political agendas carry [Islamic] religious names? Why call it ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ or ‘Hezbollah (Party of Allah)’ or ‘Hamas’ or ‘Islamic Resistance Movement’? I answer them this—that the trend towards Islamic law and justice begins in religious movements, because secularism had failed to deliver what the Muslim wants, which is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Imam Rauf also said “ The only law that the Muslim needs exists already is in the Koran and the Hadith.” From an article titled “Sharing The Essence Of Our Beliefs” by Feisal Abdul Rauf, Al-Ghad Newspaper in Jordan, 5/9/2009 http://www.alghad.com/?article=12635.

While we can assume that Feisal Abdul Rauf will not participate in an explosive act, he sure supports organizations that trend towards what he calls “Islamic Law and Justice.” His words are more encouraging to the terrorists than they are to seeking a bridge to peace and harmony between Muslims and Non Muslim in the USA. Islamic leaders rhetoric and speech in the Arabic language needs to be closely monitored which can identify them as fomenters of hate and recruitment of terrorists.

The current main stream Muslim organization that purports to act in the interests of our nation as loyal citizens is beyond a doubt, not the case. Statements worse than those of Imam Rauf, including direct support, financial and material to Islamic terrorists have been carried out by members of all the major Islamic organizations in America and are the purveyors of radicalism.

Ghassan Elashi of CAIR is serving 65-year prison sentence for funneling over $12 million Holy Land Foundation to Hamas. Mousa Abu Marzook, a former CAIR official, 1995 designated by the U.S. government “terrorist and Hamas leader.” He now is a Hamas leader in Syria. Randall Royer, CAIR’s former civil rights coordinator, in 2004 began serving a 20-year prison sentence for aiding al-Qaida and the Taliban against American troops in Afghanistan and recruiting for Lashkar e-Taiba, the jihadist group responsible for the 2008 Mumbai jihad massacres. Bassem Khafagi, CAIR’s former community relations director, was arrested for involvement with the Islamic Assembly of North America, which was linked to al-Qaida. After pleading guilty to visa and bank fraud charges, Khafagi was deported. Rabih Haddad, a former CAIR fundraiser, was deported for his work with the Global Relief Foundation (which he co-founded), a terror-financing organization.

The number one radical Islamic organization in the USA is CAIR and needs to be probed and shut down for sponsoring terror. Many peace-loving Muslims do support a probe of CAIR and the other major Islamic organizations, the ones that don’t are likely supporting the radical agenda. While the terrorists’ goal is to spread Sharia, the political Islamist activist creates radical Muslims, both of which have a goal to threaten our Constitution wanting to replace it with Sharia law. Both act simultaneously to eradicate our way of life.

Congressman King:

Jihad or what we define as Terrorism comes in three forms, Jihad by the pen, jihad by the sword and jihad by finance. When one is not in a position of military strength you use the pen or propaganda, if you have the military strength you use violence including terror acts and the finance is the money to fund both the propaganda and the terror. The major criticism of your hearing has come from CAIR and other major Muslim organizations and the reason is simple, is that your efforts may be a threat to exposing their real agenda.

–Respectfully submitted by Walid Shoebat

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