Walid Shoebat weighs in on Obama’s “no god but Allah” wedding ring

Last week Jerome Corsi wrote an article about the ring that Obama wears for his wedding ring, saying that the design on the ring reads in Arabic “there is no god but Allah.” I don’t read Arabic like most Americans and wanted a second opinion on Corsi’s article, so I found an even better photo of the ring and sent it along with Corsi’s article to The Right Scoop’s favorite Arabic expert, Walid Shoebat, and asked what he thought about it. Here’s what he wrote back:

From examining the photos of the ring it does seem that one could read Ila (a god) and Allah, but not with ease. The difficulty with having two words “La” and “Ilaha” (no God but) in one piece of pattern is that the squiggles, it must be assumed, are embedded on top of each other so one cannot for certain determine the entire image. The other problem is that the fourth word Allah in Arabic looks like a W or the two letters of UU to be more exact. Allah in fact looks like this UUI (from right to left), including that the letters connect so it’s a set of waves – which could very well be an artist rendering of a pattern and nothing more, but nevertheless would spell Allah in Arabic.  But to prove that that was the intent of the artist who created the ring is not certain.

The image does have a plausible cause to believe that it does say “no God but Allah” with the “God” on top of the “no” and the “Allah” on top of the “Illa”, but it cannot be ascertained. Corsi, who consulted with Arabic readers, thinks that its a slam dunk. The other explanation would be that both patterns simply say UUI and UUI (Allah Allah) but without examining the ring itself, its difficult to be conclusive, so we need to be careful.

I would not mind if the article stated “what seems to say Allah on the ring“, that I would vouch for. It does seem as it says Allah.

So basically Shoebat says it’s possible but it’s not a slam dunk without further examining the ring. I asked him if I could quote him and he added this:

There was even a better photo of ring and I could not conclude beyond doubt that the two patterns make up an entire declaration of faith. Remember Allah in Arabic looks like a swirl and it is possible these two patterns are swirls. This by no means discounts Corsi’s argument but without physically examining the ring no one can make a conclusive case.

So perhaps the ring does say “Allah” or maybe it’s a design. I guess we’ll never know for sure unless we get much better photos of the ring.

But I will note that one thing I found fascinating was that Obama had this ring long before it became his wedding ring. That alone was intriguing and it seemed that he got the ring some time around his Occidental years. That he would have it for that long and then use it as his wedding ring seems to indicate the ring means a great deal to him. It makes me wonder where he got it in the first place and if it’s unique or if there are others like it.

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