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Walls are CLOSING IN! Liz Cheney says they want to CHARGE TRUMP some more, why not?

THIS IS ALL THEY’VE GOT! Their boy in the White House is proving that 108-year-old dementia-suffering vacation addicts don’t make good nuclear war presidents, so they have to find some way to get those lib donor dollars flowing to the cocktail circuit. So why not charge Trump with more stuff? It’s always worked before!

Especially for Liz, whose SuperPAC might as well be the Lincoln Project based on what they use to fundraise. They want to fill those coffers so they’re teasing more “criminal penalties” to level at Donald Trump.

As the expertise expert might say, the world is on fire but Liz here has some thoughts.

Nothing will come of it of course. That’s the grift. They can’t afford to have something STICK or the gravy train would be over. They just need to keep accusing him for as long as they can milk the dumb liberal base.

Maybe they should do a whisper video, I hear those are really popular right now.


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