WAPO fact-checker defends Stacey Abrams, but Fox News doc DEBUNKS Abrams conspiracy theory, calls it a “flat-out lie”

Unbelievably the fact-checker for the Washigton Post defended the lunacy from Stacy Abrams this morning, suggesting she’s right about it not being a fetal heartbeat:

Another former WAPO writer stepped into defend Abrams too:

This is such garbage. What Abrams said this moring was a bizarre conspiracy theory, claiming that the sound that we call a ‘fetal heartbeat’ is a manufactured sound to give men the right to control women’s bodies. She wasn’t just pointing out that the sound comes from the ultrasound machine.

And I love all of this nitpicking over what’s actully beating, with ‘experts’ saying it’s not a fully formed heart. Pardon me for saying this, but no shit sherlock! Of course it’s not a fully formed heart! The embryo is only six weeks old and is the size of a baked bean. The group of cells ‘beating’ are so tiny it takes an ultrasound to detect it.

Here’s the gorgeous Dr. Nicole Saphier debunking all of this today:

What she says:

I’m waiting to see what’s going to happen on social media, I’m waiting for those warning signs for misinformation labeling because this is a flat-out lie. Facts matter, especially when you’re talking to people and especially when you’re in politics and you’re wanting people’s vote. Unfortunately people are going to believe what she has to say.

I’m going to just deliver the truth and point out her [claim] is a complete lie. At about three weeks, after gestiation or after conception, the cells of the heart, the myocaridum start to rhythmicaly contract. So really, the heart starts beating at three weeks. Yes, you can start seeing the heart beat at five to six weeks after concpetion on the ultrasound, but that’s only because it’s so small and because of all the other structures in the way with the pelvis. That heart is contracting very easy early on.

It is not a conspriacy theory. It is not anything to do with what she’s talking about. And I think she needs to be held accountable for the lies that are coming out of her mouth.

She says the heart cells start contracting at three weeks! Amazing.

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