WaPo PRAISES ISIS terrorist Al-Baghdadi, and twitter RIPS them apart!

The Washington Post chose a bizarre way to signal some kind of respect for the murderously evil leader of ISIS.

Seriously, WTF are you thinking. Mike Pence is austere. Al-Baghdadi is an evil scumbag thug. But guess who gets that adjective, the Christian or the Islamist?

They got battered on social media for it:

Usually these takes are kinda exaggerated… not here.

https://twitter.com/anuraag_saxena/status/1188500055990292482 https://twitter.com/stinson/status/1188481044074262528

Pathetic. Less of that crap and more of this please:

When even the Mormon dude is meaner to a terrorist than the WaPo you know they got problems. Roast in hell, ABU.

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