WaPo PRAISES ISIS terrorist Al-Baghdadi, and twitter RIPS them apart!

The Washington Post chose a bizarre way to signal some kind of respect for the murderously evil leader of ISIS.

Seriously, WTF are you thinking. Mike Pence is austere. Al-Baghdadi is an evil scumbag thug. But guess who gets that adjective, the Christian or the Islamist?

They got battered on social media for it:

Usually these takes are kinda exaggerated… not here.

Pathetic. Less of that crap and more of this please:

When even the Mormon dude is meaner to a terrorist than the WaPo you know they got problems. Roast in hell, ABU.

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92 thoughts on “WaPo PRAISES ISIS terrorist Al-Baghdadi, and twitter RIPS them apart!

  1. Wow! Mittens took a minute away from bashing Trump to actually compliment him. Don’t worry, he’ll be back to normal tomorrow.

  2. Such a wonderful guy he was. So benevolent. He beheaded the innocent with such honor! He studied for years to learn why he should. A true man of letters!

  3. Anyone subscribing to this “paper” should be placed permanently on the No Fly List. The “journalists” actually churning this dung into the world shouldn’t be allowed to vote, by a firearm or operate a motor vehicle. Obviously they’re mentally challenged.

    1. Must play to that overwhelming Muslim and woke demographic. The woke buy tons of them. Well, whenever their parents will let them have a dollar and a half….

  4. This is beyond despicable. WaPo has elevated a murderous madman to a scholar? It’s vile to say the least.

  5. Too bad it wasn’t American made bullets that took him out. At least Obama saw to it that it was American made bullets that delivered justice to Osama Bin Laden, American Style.

    1. Obama “saw to it?” Obama had no control over how it played on the ground. If Osama would have chosen to blow himself up there wouldn’t have been anything Obama could have done about it.

      Saying what you did is pure stupidity. Our forces are the reason for both of them being dead.

      1. I’d vote for him with pride if he had them go in with Another One Bites The Dust playing over a loudspeaker.

  6. You know, if I was Muslim I’d be offended by that headline. The murderous a**wipe killed far more Muslims than anyone else.

    1. that’s ok. they’ll be out of money before long. defunct.
      zucker will have to find another venue to attack Trump from..

    2. It’s amazing to me that they haven’t fired Zucker after all the attention they’ve been getting.

      1. the reason they have him there is because the owners are just as rabid as he is. that’s the only explanation I can think of..

    1. They’re idiots. “Piling on” demoralizes his followers. Funny how they “pile on” Trump a lot worse than this and that’s no problem.

  7. What a despicable load of BS, they are evil and anti American. I’m glad they are getting blasted on twitter.

    1. At least he did say “but” there is some value in the rhetoric to demoralize the enemy. He said “take the glamour” off of him.

    1. Quotes from the story itself:

  8. This is the guy that had people put into cages and then burned alive.
    he’s the guy who had women and children raped and then killed.

    he was a monster and I hope that everyone who thinks like him gets no parole.

  9. The people who hate America always manage to identify themselves.
    Is in their nature… they simply can’t help it.

  10. Ben Shapiro

    Charles Manson, famous songwriter and meditation leader, dead at 83.

  11. Sean Davis
    is just upset that the radical Islamist terrorist Baghdadi was killed before they could rebrand him as a dissident journalist and give him his own column.
    12:42 PM · Oct 27, 2019·Twitter Web App

  12. No one has a lower opinion of the Media than I do. But when I first heard about this earlier I truly thought it was a joke. Even the Babylon Bee isn’t this good.

    But no. It was real. A shocking new low, which, I must congratulate them, is unbelievably difficult to do.

    The WaPo: Where Democracy – and Journalism – Dies in Bias

  13. Everyone that acts like they’re surprised by the perennial tone deafness of the Washington Post is just an idiot.

    1. Heh. These are the same people that went all out over the killing of an arab citizen and KNOWN al queda operative, named kashoggi by saudi arabia. They tried to claim he was tied to the usa when in fact, he wasnt even a green card holder.

  14. MSMedia: WashPost, NY Times, CNN, MSNBC, et al, aren’t called “fake news” “enemy of the people” for nothing..

    To the radical anti-American Democrat Left – “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” mantra is evident in everything they write, print, speak, and screech.

    Traitors to America, is it any wonder why they ally with Islamist Terrorists against America, against Israel

  15. Every day, I see something the left has done or said and I think “they can’t get any worse.” But then they do.

    1. The Kavanaugh hysteria was their “hold my beer” moment that convinced me that they will never come back from the brink. They are some soul twisted evil m-fers.

    2. I’ve come to believe that when someone says they can’t get any worse they take it as a challenge.

      1. Just in the last year alone I have seen the goalposts of humanity moved so many times I’ve lost count.

    1. What these morons don’t understand, and what Trump clearly does, is that these desert animals don’t respect the “kind and gentle” approach, they see that as weakness. They only respect strength. To humiliate their leader in his death is the best thing we can do.

      As far as “basic humanity” well these monsters tore up their humanity card years ago with their beheadings of innocents and setting people on fire in cages, just to name a few things.

    2. Unreal! Kind of explains why we’ve been embroiled in these endless wars with terrorist organizations. We have too many bureaucrats who worry about offending the enemy that our military is sent to kill!

  16. When I first saw Baghdad Bob give his propaganda laden spiel I was grateful that we had a truth grounded press,
    I’m bumfuzzled as to how our press has descended into such depravity.

  17. Not sure what’s more shocking – the WaPo headline, or Willard actually giving Trump some credit!

  18. Virginia Man, Liberty Fan

    “Yasser Arafat, noted tablecloth enthusiast and freedom fighter, dies at 75.” #WaPoDeathNotices

  19. Progressives have a choice. See Islam as the belligerent ‘religion’ it is, or pull the covers over their heads and hope it goes away. They’ve chosen the latter.

  20. I do believe the mainstream media has moved on from being the mouthpiece of the Democrat Party; they’re now the mouthpiece for the devil himself.

  21. Wow.

    This was a ‘step up’ from their normal garbage.

    Guess they thought it would be wise to print an obituary request likely originating from a representative from the nation of islam

    Nice try at putting such a glowing, down-to-earth spin on a murderous sub-human simply because of their faith.

  22. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was an Islamic Cleric. Whether or not you agree with Islam, he was in fact following the Koran, Sharia Law, and Jihad to the letter. By denying this fact it takes away from the purpose of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to re-constitute the Caliphate.

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