WaPo reporter DELETES fake news tweets after Nikki Haley (and we) CALL HIM OUT!!

Chalk up another victory for el sooper at the SCOOOOOOP!!! Yesterday we picked up the story of Washington Post reporter Jeff Stein FALSELY attributing a quote to Nikki Haley to embarrass her.

You KNOW Nikki ain’t putting up with that BS:

I assiduously sought through three of their posted stories to see if Haley had ever said what Stein was attributing to her – and I couldn’t find it.

So we posted it, and challenged Stein to prove his contention:

Wouldn’t you know it, about an hour after our sooper-challenge, he CAVED like North Korean nuclear test site!!!!


Also we might have gotten an assist from the great one, Mark Levin:

Thanks Mark!!!

Now you can quibble about the actual debate over poverty, but Nikki Haley has a point – whatever problems we might have with poverty are a far distant cry from the epidemic of poverty other countries face. AND it’s through capitalism that billions of people have had their economic situations improved over the last decades, and the U.S. is a yuge driver of that success.

And even if you don’t accept that reality, you still shouldn’t be falsely attributing quotes to Nikki Haley, punk.

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