WaPo SMEARS writer/filmmaker with BLATANT lies about CRT, he busts them HARD with PROOF

It is no surprise to learn that the Washington Post tells huge whoppers, and especially unsurprising that they spread enormous lies in service to and defense of Critical Race Theory. It’s the very latest in haute leftwing fashion, after all, to don the trappings of CRT and pretend at having worn them all along. But when, in that cloying service, WaPo decided to smear writer, filmmaker, Manhattan Institute fellow, and guest at the White House for a meeting in October Christopher Rufo wasn’t ABOUT to let them get away with their ongoing Big Lie.

They interviewed him for their hit piece, and despite his setting them straight, they ran with their false narratives, knowing they could get away with it.

Rufo, in thread on the hellsite, fired back and brought receipts. I’m going to embed his entire thread one tweet at a time. For Lie #4 and #5, I’ve embedded the image from the tweet within the post.

Yep. That is HOW you do it.

Oh and here’s a great little extra:

Like I said the other day, people have to ACT.

UPDATE: Relatedly…

Of course.

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