Wapo’s Kathleen Parker: Republican’s aren’t wrong that we never vetted Obama sufficiently

The subject on the Chris Matthews show was the right wanting to emphasis Obama’s relationship with Jeremiah Wright, which they all agreed was playing the ‘race card’ which is idiotic. Matthews brought up the fact that while Romney doesn’t want to talk about Wright, Hannity certainly wants him to as he said so this week. Parker responded:

Well yeah Sean Hannity wants him to, a lot of Republicans do, a lot of the sorta further right people feel like ‘look we never vetted Obama sufficiently’, talking about us the media, and to some extent they’re not wrong about that. They do feel that we pulled back on Rev. Wright…

Watch below:

Is it any surprise they are again saying it’s a bad idea to talk about Wright? The left continues to paint it as playing the ‘race card’, yet his relationship with Wright has absolutely nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with character, values, and belief – who Obama really is – and it helps explain why Obama has been running the country into the ground. I’d argue that it has more meaning now than it did in 2008.

Besides, the only reason Wright has come up so strongly again is that now we have Wright on record in an interview saying things about Obama that the left doesn’t want the public to hear. And again they are trying to minimize this relationship to keep it from hurting the man that they admit they didn’t sufficiently vet in 2008.

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