Was there a CNN journalist involved in the Capitol riot? – [VIDEO]

It was reported late yesterday that a CNN photojournalist named Jade Sacker was involved in the Capitol riot and there, of course, is video:

I’ve been scouring the web to see what I could find, apart from the video, and I can’t find any evidence that Sacker works for CNN. Clearly she was there, but there’s zero evidence that she worked for CNN. Even when CNN mentioned her in the one article I could find, aout the riot of course, they did not identify her as working for CNN.

In fact on her website, she doesn’t even list CNN as a client. She does list NPR and NBC, among many others, but not CNN. You might be thinking, oh she probably deleted CNN from her list. First of all, why would she delete CNN and not NPR or NBC. Also, I checked and the earliest cache of the page I could find was from January 8th, 7 days ago from Google, and there was no mention of CNN. Archive.org only started caching it today by the way, so don’t bother.

It appears to me that Sacker is an independent photojournalist who went in to film what was happening. There’s no evidence she was part of the riotess behavior. Just watch the video. Even leftwing agitator John Sullivan, who was with her when she went in, talks about her filming what’s going on. Also she has a bunch of photos on Getty.

I’m sure I’m not going to make any friends for this opinion, but if she was truly there to film what was going on and not participate as it appears, then I’m not going to get worked up over her being there. I know there’d be a Democrat double standard if James O’Keefe went in there to film, but putting all that aside, I can’t fault her for wanting to get film of what was happening. It was a huge event.

As a photojournalist, she may also have carte blanche to film it without any punishment:

Now if there is video of her participating and rioting, then I take all of this back. But until then…

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