Washington DC Police Chief drops TRUTH BOMBS after last night’s shooting

Last night two people were shot in Washington DC that sent commuters and diners running for safety. The men weren’t killed, but the gunshots rang out in a good section of town where people were enjoying their evening.

That’s gotten everyone’s attention and today the police chief in DC gave a press conference out on the street in which he dropped some heavy truth bombs on the city.

Curtis Houck did the hard work on this one:

Contee is being very honest about the justice system, saying it doesn’t work because the courts are barely open and people often end up right back on the streets:

This is my favorite one where Contee says emphatically that “you cannot coddle violent criminals”, arguing they may not want a job and might not want services, but they need to be taken off our streets because they are making them unsafe:

Contee is clearly pointing the finger at government leaders in his city:

As an aside, I know Contee says we have too many guns on our streets, but just to be clear, he doesn’t mean you and me. He’s talking about criminals having firearms and using them to make the city unsafe.

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