Washington Post ‘journalist’ gets a SLAPDOWN for BS narrative on Gabby Giffords shooting

This is how fake news in the media perpetuates itself – remember when the New York Times LIED about the shooter in the Gabby Giffords attack being animated by right-wing politics? They had to walk that back after the outrage, but it stayed in readers’ minds.

And also in the stupid minds of biased “journalists” like this idiot:

Uhhhhh what? Yeah no, your bull$#it tweet would have any potency at all if it wasn’t filled with a complete lie, you @$$.

Gutowski is always great on this stuff, but he’s much too nice:

But that’s how these things work. The narrative will continue because they want to believe it.

Of course the jackass didn’t delete it. He just apologized in another tweet.

The apology has 54 retweets. The original LIE tweet has 200. Guess which one will perpetuate more BS? Hmmmm.

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