WAT: Michael Steele says Musk doing Twitter Files while arguing for free speech undermines ‘central tenets’ of … free speech

Michael Steele is a joke, obviously. We’ve all know what this clown is for years. But they still trot him out in front the cameras regularly to be the ‘Republican Who Actually Says Things We Like’ on every liberal show they can. Like Jennifer Rubin but without the body odor. Or Rick Wilson but without the psycho hillbilly moonshine shakes. Or Tom Nichols but without the Muppet face.

Steele was on with Symone Sanders, the virulent anti-American socialist who bounces back and forth between being a bad TV host and being a failed Democratic campaign spox, and they put on quite the act.

Symone lied to start the segment, saying that nobody ever suppressed the Hunter Biden story. I mean that’s flatly false. It’s all on the record, it literally happened. But she just says “nuh uh” and knows that any microbrain who had the misfortune to turn on MSNBC during a show nobody even knew was on the network would swallow it like candy. Or whatever libs swallow.

Symone asked Steele about the Twitter files and, doing his fake downhome act for the Democrats he tried to cobble together some sentence about how his worry is that people accessing the right to free speech will undermine the most basic tenets of freedom of speech: which is, apparently, that people shouldn’t have it.

“The argument that he’s all about free speech really undermines the, some of the central tenets of free speech”


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