WAT? FAUCI tells Dana Bash one thing on vaccines & masks, disagree with himself to Chuck Todd MINUTES LATER

Gov. Ron DeSantis criticized Fauci, the CDC, and the government at large for their mixed up and contradictory messaging on vaccines. Jim Jordan argued with Fauci on that point in a hearing a few days ago, too.

On Sunday he was asked about masks and restrictions and vaccines on two different Sunday shows. And guess what? Ron DeSantis was right of course. Watch:

It’s crazy to undermine the thing that will end restrictions because it works!! Also it won’t end them though because it might not work!!

I like how he says to Dana Bash about Republicans that it “just almost doesn’t make any sense!”

He’s right about that at least, just about the wrong group. This is what does not make sense. And it undermines vaccines. Chuck Todd in his infinite wisdom said “it shouldn’t” undermine them, because he has to toe the line that Republicans are stupid, assuming that everyone who finds this absurd is a Republican.

Funny thing is though that the left is trashing Todd on Twitter anyway, for having dared to even ask.


What is the world coming to??

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