WATCH ➝ MTG owns reporter who tries to suggest illegals aren’t bringing fentanyl across the souther border

A reporter got a lot more than they bargained for when posing a question to Marjorie Taylor Greene about the border.

Specifically, the reporter suggested to MTG that illegals weren’t the ones bringing fentanyl across the US border, but rather American citizens.

The reporter was trying to downplay the fentanyl crisis that Republicans had been discussing.

MTG quickly responded by questioning his premise, saying that his assertion that illegals aren’t bring fentanyl across the border is contrary to what they’ve been told by the border patrol:

I would ask where’s your proof on that because that’s not we’ve been shown. When we go to the border and we’re speaking with border patrol agents, when we’re there on the ground that is not at all what we’re being told. So I’m going to push back on your ‘facts’.

The reporter responds that his proof is from the CATO institute. MTG smacks that down hard:

The CATO institute is not the border patrol. There’s a big difference there. I’m sorry, is CATO down there securing our border and stopping illegal aliens and human trafficking and drug trafficking? I’m sorry, you’re going to have to get a direct source and when you bring the border patrol in here and want to quote that, then we may take you seriously. But we’re not taking the CATO institute seriously.

BOOM! She did a wonderful job at refuting his nonsense.

This spurred an online reaction from CATO, who snarkily defended their reporting:

But as Greg Price noted, they’ve already lost because they are using fentanyl seized at the border to refute MTG:

He’s absolutely right. There wouldn’t be a fentanyl crisis if all of it was seized by law enforcement. What MTG and Republicans are talking about is all of the fentanyl that gets past border patrol, of which much is brought in by illegals.

Remember, we have over 1,500 ‘gotaways’ every day because of Biden’s open border. Why do you think these illegals are running from border patrol and not turning themselves in? Seriously, this isn’t hard.

As Bonchie points out, they are morons:

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