WATCH: 2020 Democrat made white people APOLOGIZE for slavery

Marianne Williamson, who made a splash in the Democratic debates, actually asked white people in her audience last year to repeat after her and apologize to black people for slavery:

She’s apparently done this several times as she tours the nation. Fox News reports that she did it last July, but the clip above of the same thing is from 2016 or before.

In the clip, the white people in unison repeat after Williamson as they all ask the black people in the room to forgive them for slavery and all of the ills that came afterward like lynchings and the denial of voting rights.

The clip speaks for itself as to just how loony Williamson is, but also how much the Democratic party loves victimization. Nobody in this room every had slaves and or lynched anyone. As a country those days are far behind us, yet some like Williamson are still apologizing for them. Instead of seeing this country as the place where slavery and lynchings died, as something to celebrate, they insist on perpetuating this victimization nonsense as if it happened to blacks alive today.

If Williamson and folks like her are really going to do these apologies, then why not ask the African Americans to apologize to each other for their African ancestors long ago who sold their own people into slavery? If white people have to apologize for their ancestors, it seems only fair.

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116 thoughts on “WATCH: 2020 Democrat made white people APOLOGIZE for slavery

  1. Perhaps the black people in the room should have apologized to the white people for the Barbary pirates, who enslaved hundreds of thousands of Europeans between the Middle Ages and the 19th century.

  2. Just when I thought the demon-rats couldn’t get any more desperate or ignorant. We have more Jim Jones nut cases in the demon-rat party and the ignorant people who agree with them then I ever thought possible.

  3. Is she the quack that said she’ll beat Donald Trump with love? She at least doesn’t pretend to be normal unlike the other clowns.

  4. Not all whites, by a long shot, had families that owned slaves. And neither did all blacks here, descend from slaves. My ancestors came over way after slavery. How are you gonna sort that out?

  5. When blacks apologize for being slave owners themselves and when Democrats apologize to people of Irish heritage like myself for Irish coming here as slaves then maybe I’ll apologize for something……….but I doubt it. Since my family (either side) didn’t arrive until the 1890’s and afterward I’m not apologizing to anyone for slavery. Those who buy into this BS deserve what they get.

    1. The American slaves got nuttin on the Jews. 400 years of slavery in Egypt. It was so tough only God could pull them out. American slaves relied on man and we all know how faulty man is hence we’re “still aplogizing” for something we’re no longer able to be blamed for.

    2. But they call what happened to the Irish “a myth.” Some call it indentured servitude. I call it slavery. But the Irish were white. I guess that’s what makes the difference.

  6. My for father’s fought in the civil war for the negros freedoms. Can I get a thanks from Leftocrap’s….. Didn’t think so.

  7. White guilt is pathetic. I didn’t enslave anyone so I don’t have anything to apologize for, and there wouldn’t be anyone to apologize to. Democrats survive off making people believe they are victims and they make sure to keep them angry about it. Without identity politics and victim status, the Democrat party is dead and they know it.

  8. I couldn’t even listen to the entire clip. I owe them nothing. My family came here in 1792, and none of them ever owned slaves. They can kiss my ample white *** I’m so damned tired of this. They push, and push, and push some more. It never stops, it only gets worse. Well, I’m done. Call me what you like, I just don’t care anymore.

  9. I listened to that, I thought it was hilarious her asking them to repeat after her. I would have been even funnier if they cleared their throats when she did after she said repeat after me. I wonder if she concluded by saying, “Let’s end this meeting on a high note.”.

      1. Thanks Nana. I just see through their BS. I would bet not a single person there would take out a single dollar from their pocket–they just want the rest of us to pay for it. Notice how they turn to look towards the nearest dark-skinned person. lol.

  10. I’ll apologize if you’ll accept it. Slavery was wrong. It was a black stain on our history. I’m OK with apologizing for having it on our nation’s record.

    But the thing about an apology is, if you’re not going to accept it and get over it and move on, then it’s a pointless gesture. Is the apology going to be good enough for you to put this issue to bed forever and move forward?

    Because if it’s not, then gfy.

    1. Why apologize at all? Who cares whether they accept it or not? I am not going to apologize for people I did not know or for things I had no responsibility for, and I am not going to apologize to people that have not been victims of anything other than their own bad choices in life. They have as much opportunity to succeed as I do if they take advantage of the many great opportunities this nation provides them. It’s time to not entertain this garbage anymore. If you are sitting around waiting for my apology or reparations, then you are going to be waiting a very long time. It might also be time to consider that the fact you are waiting is the basis for why you expect an apology to begin with.

      1. If an apology would get them to shut up forever on the issue, wouldn’t it be worth it?

        Don’t let pride f*ck with you man.

        1. You know that will never happen. If they were to stop pandering they would be out of business.

          1. Exactly, and that is why you never play the game. You ignore them. You don’t apologize to appease someone. You apologize because you were responsible for something that harmed someone else, you are genuinely remorseful for what you did, and you don’t intend to repeat the act for which you are apologizing. In this case, none of us had anything to do with slavery, anyone alive today has not been a slave, and nobody has any intention on bringing the act of slavery back. Therefore, it is a ruse, and if you participate in it, then you are validating the nonsense.

            1. So validate the nonsense if it’ll get them to cooperate.

              If Johnny won’t eat his spaghetti because he’s wearing his Superman costume and wants you to call him Superman instead of Johnny. Fine Superman, just eat your dinner.

          2. Which goes back to my original point.

            Why ask for an apology when they’re already not going to accept it.

            And THAT’S what the response to this chick should be.

    2. To apologize means to admit guilt unless you’re apologizing for someone else, so even if they “accept it”, it’s only the beginning because naturally, the next step after apology is to pay up!

      1. If they want restitution, they can seek it in the courts. That’s what they’re there for.

        An apology doesn’t have to come with showers of gifts. If you piss off your wife, an apology can and should suffice. A gift might be a nice additional gesture, but if she requires flowers or jewelry or whatever – then she’s just using you. Which makes any acceptance of the apology insincere.

        1. We’re not talking about a family matter. We’re talking about taking responsibility for wrong-doing which opens door for lawsuit and easy win for “victim”

              1. Do you have to wear some kind of helmet when you go out in public?

                Neither of those is remotely true.

  11. My families didn’t migrate over until 1908-1912ish. I don’t need to apologize. I also shouldn’t be held to pay reparations when these idiots decide to add to welfare. Reparations should’ve been done for the people who were enslaved. Not multi-generations passed who have no claim in it.

    1. Some of the biggest migrations happened after the civil war. Especially around the turn of the 20th century, including my great grandparents.

  12. Attn Black people, repeat after me, “I apologize for blaming you for something you did not do…”

  13. “[The] white people there … all ask the black people in the room to forgive them for slavery and all of the ills that came afterward like lynchings and the denial of voting rights.”

    The white people there are NOT responsible for slavery, lynching, and the denial of voting rights. The black people in the room were NEVER slaves, are not victims of lynchings, and have NEVER had their voting rights violated due to their color.

    This is simply racism dressed up as “justice.” Disgusting.

  14. That’s great, Marianne. Now, since you have a nice, diverse, gathering of people there, maybe you could be an angel and ask if one of them (or someone they know) is the schmuck that stole the Zenith television from my house back in ’81 while not under the spell of your L-O-V-E. I will happily accept an apology and put the television (tube set, cabinet, clicker and all) back into the list of assets that I have worked so hard to attain over my life. Thanks again, Marianne, you’re a peach.

  15. While I might be sorry for things that have happened to other people, I only apologize for the things I’ve done myself.

    1. I heard someone say about this that we say “sorry” all the time for things we are not responsible for, to show sympathy, for example (“Sorry for your loss”). It is not the same as an apology for things we have done wrong, but rather an acknowledgement of the other’s feelings.

      We can acknowledge that blacks suffered through slavery, Jim Crow era, and racial and economic difficulties that followed from that. That does not mean, however, that we are personally responsible for those difficulties, unless, of course, we WERE personally responsible.

      1. That’s why I never apologize sympathetically.

        Or express sympathy at all.

        Or acknowledge anyone’s feelings whatsoever.

          1. The concept of “loved ones” confuses and disturbs me. Shouldn’t get so attached to these short-lived meatbags that surround us.

  16. I agree that reparations may actually be in order. The thing is that we are going about this the wrong way. There is only one entity left today that has any legal liability for the stain of slavery in America and that is the Democrat Party. They should be hounded day and night for this and made to pay reparations until they are bankrupted for their support of slavery, Jim Crow, KKK, lynchings of both blacks and whites and their total disdain of the black community.

    It is the Democrat Party that embraced Margaret Sanger and her introduction of eugenics that has resulted in the abortion of many black babies. Her vision was to rid society of all of those “inferior races”. This was and still is deliberate and consistent with the true spirit of the Democrat Party. They are truly afraid of any black who escaped the Democrat Plantation whether it was 200 years ago as a run away slave or as a freedom loving Trump supporter.

    Just read what Malcolm X said in 1965 about the Democrat Party. It is quite an eye-opener.

    1. You make a great point. I don’t think I would use the word “reparations” because it is tied to actual cash payments – an impossible task. But the Democrat Party has NEVER acknowledged their role in damaging blacks in the way you described above. Not to mention the horror of the inner city life that is a result of their policies of the last 50 years.

      Every time this acknowledgement is raised the Dem blame the Republicans, to the point that most uninformed people believe all of the above is the work of the GOP.

  17. Holy Jim Jones BatScoop!
    This is the funniest clip I’ve ever seen yet!!!
    They’re actually touching black people while they stepford wife the commentary.
    This is really priceless stuff. She made them look more inhuman and this is more racist than anything a recent democrat has done in at least a week.

    1. “They’re actually touching black people”

      These are the types of people who felt exultation in being able to put their hands onto black people and apologize for all white people. They’re that sick.

  18. …..and for my next trick, I will make you all jump around like kangaroos…

    (face meet palm)

  19. I really like this. Democrat crazies (also known as presidential candidates) are doing more to rally the GOP than tax breaks, baseball and apple pie.

  20. Arabs started the African Slave trade.
    Also, the Democrats should apologize since the Republicans had to force solely Democrats to abolish slavery, and then force solely Democrats to let black people vote and then force solely Democrats to integrate, and then after Woodrow Wilson, force solely Democrats to integrate again.
    Republicans fought tooth and nail against the Democrats.
    Without Democrats in the way, we could have abolished slavery around 1800, the first woman to sue for her freedom did so in Massachusetts in the late 1600’s, and she won.

  21. I cannot imagine having someone saying to me “Repeat after me!” and me doing it, not knowing what I was going to be asked to say. Would you?

      1. Every single one of these white sheeple should be required to pay higher taxes for the reparations sham that they are obviously for. They are complicit in the destruction of their own children’s futures. Every single one of them.

    1. Reminds me of an old Steve Martin bit:

      “Let’s all take the non-conformist oath……repeat after me.

      I promise to be different.
      I promise to be unique.
      I promise not to repeat things other people say.”

  22. The only ones dumber than that nit wit are the ones who repeated that crock of bull dung. I wonder if kool-aid was served afterwards.

    1. I wonder… Thankfully I’m not one of the lemmings that would be led by anyone that stands for nothing. I’m enjoying the rush to the left and hoping a few of them go over the cliff. But I’m patient. Hi Nana!!!

  23. The real question I’d like answered: What good will this apology do?

    Let’s say we all perform this ritual/prayer. We all apologize to the African Americans in this country, even though we didn’t commit the sin of owning slaves and the people to whom we’d be apologizing never were slaves… whatever.

    Would there be forgiveness? Would there be reconciliation? Would there be an end to using accusations of racism and privilege in order to gain political advantage?

    No, no, and hell no.

  24. What about all the effing BLACK SLAVE OWNERS?!?!?! Plus what about all the WHITE SOLDIERS who died trying to free those slaves or what about all the muslimes who sold those slaves in the first place???

  25. Once in a while, when things get crazy like this, I think of my grandpa. He died about 40 years ago. He was an uncomplicated guy. He was a farmer and a product of the depression years. He was a lay preacher in the town where he lived. He lost 2 sons in different wars wars. He lived thru tough times. But I never once heard him complain about anything. He taught me about fishing, humility, and just being a good person in your community.

    I often wonder, how in the hell could I explain to him what is now going on in this country?

    1. I know what you mean. My parents and grandparents could never have imagined any of this. But I wonder if your grandpa was truly “uncomplicated.” Think of all he had to do in his life, all he had to know, without the aids and comforts that we enjoy today. Sounds pretty complicated to me if I had to live that way!

      1. I agree. Farmers are some of the most unheralded and disrespected among us, yet they know how to do far more than many “well schooled: individuals. They know a bit of chemistry, physics, engineering, veterinary and a lot about horticulture and agriculture! They work hard from dawn til dusk and don’t take holidays when a crop is ready for harvest. I could go on and on and on. I so respect my father, who had only and 8th grade education but was able to add columns of numbers in his head and mend every piece of farm equipment he ever owned. And my Mom was right there whenever he needed her help.

    2. I miss my parents so much, both have been gone almost 20 years, I’m glad their not here to live through this insanity.

      1. Add me to that club. Some times, although my dad has been gone about 25 years, I still feel the loss of not being able to share good news and sad news with him. I am so happy that I was on good terms with him and I feel so sad that some children and parents are estranged. How hard that must be to one day wake up and find out there’s no chance of ever mending the relationship. My dad would probably love the craziness of the current society. But even with us being polar opposites, it didn’t change the love we had for each other.

  26. “I would also like to apologize to the dinosaurs. While I never lived with dinosaurs and while no human probably ever interacted with a dinosaur, the extinction of dinosaurs was truly a genocide that wears heavily on my heart. I apologize with all my heart and yet I know that this apology does not settle things. I will look for ways to reach out and pay reparations to the ancestors of these dinosaurs. I will allow crocodiles to have free reign in my pool. I will offer my children up as sacrifices to alligators. While these animals are not exactly ancestors of the genocide-ed dinosaurs, they seem similar and so I will spend my entire life in duty to them. Please forgive me, oh dinosaurs!”

    1. Let’s throw in the Woolly Mammoth, the Sabre-Toothed Tiger, and the Dodo while we’re at it. On second thought, forget the Dodo. Not sorry about the Dodo!!

  27. Marrianne Williamson reminds me of a combination of a 60s hippie flower child and and cult leader.

    In other words, her logic, mentality, and philosophical love therapy are naive, but worse, missing essential facts of reality truth.

    She actually believes Pres Trump essentially embodies Hitler, where racism is inherent in Trump, in all white people, etc.

    She believes in financial reparations by all “white” people to all Black people, which is collectivism, for Slavery crimes which all “white” people are guilty of. What she ignored, omitted, and or does not acknowledge is that not all “white” people acted the same atrocity.

    Fact: Not 1 Lincoln Republican owned a slave. All slaves were owned by Democrats-Plantation owners.

    Secondly, tens of thousands of Lincoln Republicans (aka white people) fought and died to Free the Slaves, Save the Union (America) from destruction by the Democrat Confederacy. If not for Lincoln Republicans, the 13th, 14th, 15th Amendments and the Civil Rights Bills would never have been passed.

    So Marrianne Williamson’s broad brushing painting of all white people are guilty of Slavery atrocities, racism, is a lie, standard leftist democrat trope, whom people who are not educated about historical fact and truth do not understand or recognize.

    Marrianne Williamson: “I will defeat you with Love” .. who believes Iran is being victimized by Pres Trump, who believes Pres Trump is a war mongering racist.. etc.. etc.. to say that Marrianne Williamson does not live in reality, is devoid of factual truth is an understatement.

    Anyone who takes Marrianne Williamson with any degree of seriousness is just as ignorant, unintelligent, naive, and or uneducated to factual reality truth, aka Democrat

  28. #StonerChick has lost her ever loving mind. Whatever it is they put in the weed in Commiefornia, I would suggest loading up a LOT of C-130’s with paraquat to prevent it from spreading.

    1. It’s beyond scary…the fact that the people followed the order is scarier than the order itself.

      1. You got that right. When people start blindly following crackpots like Marianne Williamson we’re in trouble.

  29. White people in the West ended slavery in all democratic Western style nations. All of the other nations still have legal (or worse, wink-and-a-nod) slavery.

    Our nation killed slavery. We aren’t asking for anything in return.

    1. Slavery was here…the USA decried it with its constitution and eventually abolished it…but race-baiting is alive and flourishing…thanks to sharpton and pelosi and the gang of 4…

  30. The level of Democrat influence over the people is inversely proportional to the level of the people’s intelligence!

  31. A whole roomful gone ’round the bend, So, this is an example of the “educated” sheeple that call themselves enlightened progressives. SCARY!!!

  32. I’m still waiting fo ran apology from the two blacks bastards who put me in the hospital after robbing me. That will happen about the same time I apologize for something I had nothing to do with. Blacks should thank meand other white Americans for our ancestors who fought to free them….

  33. This is idiotic, and the people in the room went right along with it. I only apologize for what I’ve done wrong, I don’t apologize for what someone else did. I have yet to enslave anyone other than myself. According to the 1830 census there were more than 4000 free blacks that owned slaves, just singling out the white people may have very well been racist.

    1. Reminds me of Rev. Ike when he told his huge congregation on national tv , I believe in the green power and I don’t want to hear any change dropped in the offering plate . I watched this on tv back in the 70s and wondered why I never saw anyone get up and walk to the back door to leave . Guess what ? None left . The brainless wonders are like sheep being lead to the slaughter and yet American schools are said to produce the smartest in the world .

  34. No one “made” anyone do anything. These people did this by virtue of their own free will, they believe in this or, at least, would like to appear to believe. They are really really good people, vastly superior to those such as myself.

  35. My ancestors fought to end slavery, beitch. How about you apologize for Jim Crow and the KKK.

  36. I would have said instead “Neither I nor my ancestors had anything to do with slavery and I will NOT apologize for it” as loudly as possible.

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