WATCH: 2020 Democrat made white people APOLOGIZE for slavery

Marianne Williamson, who made a splash in the Democratic debates, actually asked white people in her audience last year to repeat after her and apologize to black people for slavery:

She’s apparently done this several times as she tours the nation. Fox News reports that she did it last July, but the clip above of the same thing is from 2016 or before.

In the clip, the white people in unison repeat after Williamson as they all ask the black people in the room to forgive them for slavery and all of the ills that came afterward like lynchings and the denial of voting rights.

The clip speaks for itself as to just how loony Williamson is, but also how much the Democratic party loves victimization. Nobody in this room every had slaves and or lynched anyone. As a country those days are far behind us, yet some like Williamson are still apologizing for them. Instead of seeing this country as the place where slavery and lynchings died, as something to celebrate, they insist on perpetuating this victimization nonsense as if it happened to blacks alive today.

If Williamson and folks like her are really going to do these apologies, then why not ask the African Americans to apologize to each other for their African ancestors long ago who sold their own people into slavery? If white people have to apologize for their ancestors, it seems only fair.

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