WATCH: AG Barr says Trump’s national emergency is what the law was made for, but CNN, MSNBC refused to air it!

As Trump was vetoing the resolution of disapproval from Congress today, Attorney General William Barr made a few short remarks about his national emergency.

You can watch the video below, but he essentially said Trump’s national emergency was not only legal and legitimate, but exactly the kind of emergency the law was made for.

Sorry for the low quality:

Both MSNBC and CNN refused to air these important remarks from Barr:

She’s not wrong. I double-checked this on my own DVRs.

Notice in the left-hand corner of the video that it says ‘moments ago’. That’s because one feed is recorded and then distributed to all the networks. What we’re seeing isn’t live, but already recorded.

My point is that both CNN and MSNBC knew what was in the recording and they still opted NOT to show it to their viewers. It was a decision they made to instead go to their own discussion panels.

This is why they are called propaganda networks. The continually lie and deceive their viewers instead of presenting them with the truth. They say it’s not an emergency and that apprehensions at the border are at several-decade low. I just heard Peter Alexander on MSNBC say the latter, and we know neither of those are the case!

The New York Times just reported this a few days ago:

More than 76,000 migrants crossed the border without authorization in February, more than double the levels from the same period last year and approaching the largest numbers seen in any February in the last 12 years.

And we’ve heard this from the border patrol leadership as well as others that have testified before Congress.

I just don’t know what to say anymore about how bad it’s really gotten. These networks are virulently anti-Trump and they could care less about the truth. All they care about is ousting Trump.

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100 thoughts on “WATCH: AG Barr says Trump’s national emergency is what the law was made for, but CNN, MSNBC refused to air it!

  1. Congress has been kicking this can down the road for decades and then finally give the job to the President with the act of 1976. But when he tries to use it, it’s “hey, you can’t do that it’s unconstitutional!”. I am sick of these wimps and swamp creatures. I don’t care who’s running against them, I intend to vote them out starting with Rubio. You don’t support me, I don’t vote for you.

  2. Many past emergencies were declared for foreign countries’ domestic events that have little effect on us. A Democrat president would have declared a national emergency for the shootings in New Zealand.

  3. That’s odd. Usually they report something they don’t agree with, then spend the day ridiculing it. They seem to have noticed how effectively their blackout on the Gosnell movie worked, and they’re trying it out on hard news.

  4. My hubby used to say that I was a news junky. Heck, so many people I have met, (and this sadly, is from the Baby Boom and Silent generations), seem to be abdicating their brains to mundane news from People Magazine, or don’t even want to know what is going on in the world anymore. If you mention a hot, current, real news story and you get a blank stare. I can understand this attitude from the X, Y, and Z generations, but us? That is a BIG reason I love TRS, my kind of informed folks who know what’s what.

  5. I hope we keep catching the news media lying about things such as this. Eventually, the news will even reach the radicalized leftists in this country. Geesh!

    1. I am only seeing one way down below. It might just be me. I just checked and it is still there. Almost blends in like a comment.

  6. 1. Looking at the future here with the declaration, I tend to think SCOTUS will prefer to uphold this Emergency Declaration because the law is so clear. But I think SCOTUS will then go after more aggressively whether the Executive has the authority to declare Eminent Domain as being within the scope of the emergency, at a future date. We’ll see but that’s my prediction.

    2. Will all 5 conservative SCOTUS’ have the guts to actually approve the full scope of the declaration, which would have to be including Eminent Domain eventually? I think they will and the wall gets built but we MUST turnout our base in order to get the wall built.

    Put on your activist hats and round up our voters in 2020. It’s vital to national security and IS the antidote to the Left’s efforts to kill our God given rights that were codified under the Constitution.

      1. It just occurred to me to wonder…

        The President can’t demote Roberts to Associate Justice. Maybe no one can.

        But what if Trump just goes ahead and appoints the next justice as “Chief Justice?”

        1. Great question K-Bob. It’s an unprecedented move but everything was unprecedented until it was first done,
          however, an associate justice’s vote counts the same as
          the chief justice’s vote.

          1. Also, I guess it would push Roberts further left. So that would be a bad idea.

            Oh, well. It was fun to think about.

  7. I’m glad to be able to hear this straight from AG Barr’s mouth. I’ve only heard a few news radio clips and those didn’t include Barr saying it was exactly what the law was intended for. Thanks for this blog post @therightscoop. I was looking for it and somehow when I read this, I blew right over it. Long day with nightmare DFW traffic, I guess. LOL

  8. KABOOM! :bam: There you have it folks. What AG, Barr revealed regarding the POTUS’s legal authority to declare and national emergency as it relates to the border issue is settled law. There is nothing the gutter snipe democrats and the disgusting and back stabbing GOP RINOS can say or do to dispute that fact.

  9. Let’s see if these 12 GOP senators vote to fund alphabet agencies, which wouldn’t be supporting their position they took on the Emergency Declaration. It would rather be in direct conflict with recorded voted position of their “separation of powers” position.

    Mark Levin said he’ll be hammering them when they do vote to fund alphabet agencies and call them out as the ultimate hypocrites that they are.

    1. Let’s call them out now, once again, in the name of remembrance. The Not-So-Honorable 12 GOP Senators:

      Lamar Alexander, Tenn. :mrgreen:
      Roy Blunt, Mo. :mrgreen:
      Susan Collins, Maine :mrgreen:
      Mike Lee, Utah :mrgreen:
      Jerry Moran, Kan. :mrgreen:
      Lisa Murkowski, Alaska :mrgreen:
      Rand Paul, Ky. :mrgreen:
      Rob Portman, Ohio :mrgreen:
      Mitt Romney, Utah :mrgreen:
      Marco Rubio, Fla. :mrgreen:
      (dunno, Pat maybe?) Toomey, Pa. :mrgreen:
      Roger Wicker, Miss. :mrgreen:

  10. CNN, MSDNC proving once again they are not a free press news agency reporting news. They are propaganda machines. The attorney general makes news whenever the current AG speaks and it should all be reported by every agency calling themselves news, as Zucker did when he accepted his 1st Amendment Award, which is as bogus as Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize awarded within days of his first term in office. LIARS and PROPAGANDISTS in action.

    1. There is a huge story that should be on the front page of every news outlet in the country and yet we hear crickets from the MSM.

      That story being, Barrack Obama’s brother, Milik Obama has taken to Twitter and outed Barrack as being a complete fraud. Milik posted photos of, Anita Blanchard and Marty Nesbit as being the Obama’s best friends. Marty is the chairman of the Obama Foundation and Anita is a doctor and Milik said they, “Delivered the Obama’s children.” Milik revealed that the Obama’s children are actually Marty’s and Anitas children and that they lent their children to the Obamas.

      Milik put a video link in his Twitter page entitled, “The tale of two Obamas : Lives & Legacies of Two Vastly Different Brothers”.


        1. @pybop “No one backs up their feverish fantasies. Instead, weak minds demand that you prove them wrong.” – Greg Gutfeld

    1. @sjmom Me too. (Though I mean an entirely different me too than the more infamous MeToo.)

        1. @sjmom I enjoy taking any opportunity to slam the Left on their hypocrisy by referring to MeToo as infamous.

    2. :thumbsup: @sjmom I so greatly enjoyed reading the story about Barr refusing to allow Mueller and Weismann to continue their investigation of General Flynn. Watching this video is giving me hope that we may finally have a principled AG that will do his job as he is supposed to do it.

  11. Bill Mitchell
    Rand Paul’s rationale that the Constitution provides for only Congress to allocate money completely ignores the National Emergencies Act. Is he unaware this established law exists?

    1. @MST3K I can’t really verbalize exactly what I think of Rand because I think he’s mixed up in his own head on matters of Constitutional law. I have some Libertarian in me but Rand is pretty far out there. Half the time, I don’t understand where he’s coming from even though he believes he’s explained himself. I think he’s just flat out wrong most of the time but he believes differently.

      1. Remember when Rand Paul supported Mitch McConnell in his primary race against conservative Matt Bevin?

        1. @MST3K Yes! Rand is strange and confused. Or was it because Rand saw bread/butter from Mitch, which would make Rand a disingenuous user too.

    2. I dub the twelve republican senators that voted with the democrats as being, The Dirty Dozen. None of them have a legitimate rational to vote against supporting Trump’s national emergency.

      Never forget what they did when it comes time to vote in 2020.

  12. I’m guessing those 12 GOP who voted for the resolution didn’t care if it was within his legal right, they had their donor orders.

            1. But there needs to be a whole lot of them primaried in their next election. When it comes to general elections we have no choice but we need to fight like crazy in the primaries for the true conservative. When they betray us primary them.

                1. Some of them played conservative but in the end have let us down. They don’t understand the concept of fighting fire with fire to put the fire our. They are so wrapped up in their own self intelligence/egos or something I can’t put my finger on that they know better than everyone else because they are the smartest person in the room. This was despite all their squirming was a no brainer and not a hill they should have been fighting on.

              1. @kram-nivel Here’s another great tweet from Bill Mitchell on this subject from yesterday…

                Bill Mitchell
                Here’s what I don’t get about the Republican Senators who voted against Trump’s emergency declaration.

                They KNOW he will veto it.
                They know 70% of Republican voters like the declaration.
                They are committing political suicide for nothing.

                It makes no sense.

                1. And Lee didn’t even vote for it on constitutional grounds just that he thinks it is an overreach. Ridiculous. It is the same old same old with some of these guys. The libs can can overreach day after day and take us further and further closer to socialism and our Constitution and our supposed guys are playing goody two shoes. We might have to overreach some more to get us back to liberty and our Constitution.

                2. Exactly, their self righteous attitude isn’t helping any of us when we have the left on the verge of taking over for good with their invasion of illegals.

                3. @kram-nivel , watching what Lee has supported recently and now pushing mandated Paid family leave which is another massive government intrusion into private sector, I’m not sure it’s goody two shoes as much as he may not be the constitutional conservative we once believed. Hope I’m wrong, but he has had a string of horrible positions lately.

                4. Lee’s explanation is an unjustifiable lame excuse because he apparently did not understand the Constitution as it relates the the POTUS’s legal right to call for a national crisis.

                  What we have here is twelve spineless cowards. The Dirty Dozen

                5. The Dummy Dozen. I mean Lee really and truly joined up with some of the biggest dummies in the Senate.

            2. @tracy I’m done making excuses for them. Either they’re conservative or they’re not. I might make a mistake and vote for one of them but once in office and they betray the trust I gave to them, I’m done from now on. I’m done with Lee.

            3. @tracy There’s republican conservatives, in name only and there’s principled grass roots conservatives.

              1. Lee once was a dependable tea party conservative, standing with Cruz.

                It’s sad to see him go against that now.

          1. Mike Lee has lost a lot of support. I would not support him for SCOTUS appointment because he claimed Trump’s declaration was legal but he voted against it anyway. In my opinion, he’d be just another bench legislator based on this one very wrong vote and his own words.

        1. @tracy

          Oh, IDK, I loved Lee, he was in my short list to run with Ted in ’24. But this was a punch in the face with him, I am hoping this a fluke and not a flake moment from him.

      1. A supreme court justice he will never be and with decisions like this one he never should be.

          1. @mst3k the thing that disturbed me most about that bill is Lee went after Cotton claiming he was lying when Cotton was putting out the actual text of the bill showing the supporters misleading the American people. It was disgraceful at the time.

              1. Possibly in Ted’s case he bought into the lies that it was just for non-violent low level drug people who didn’t deserve jail but rehab because of his sad family history with drugs. As to the family leave Lee and Ernst claimed we are lagging behind other countries or some nonsense. Did not know constitutional conservatives were looking to mirror failing European quasi socialism. Baffling, but he is all in.

      2. @cheetobuster, I saw him with Joni Ernst on CBS pushing paid family leave saying we need to catch up to other countries. Wonder where in the constitution he finds that and how does he think private companies will function as Lee pays their employees to sit home.

  13. I don’t know where to O/T this, but K-Bob forced me to turn on my Jimmy Buffett tonight and now I’m in that kind of mood. Which means I’m now going to invite you all to my happy content oh this silly life is fun even though it absolutely deserves to be wiped out by asteroids mood.

    You know, I have this great memory of singing some Jimmy to the one riding shotgun in my awesome love-it-forever Chevy (which was horribly destroyed the ONE time I lent it to someone).

    Yes, I’ve been drinking. I love Jimmy (but I’ll stick with my brown liquors instead of his clear sugar booze).

    I got a school boy heart
    A novelist eye
    Stout sailor’s legs
    And a license to fly
    I got a bartender ear
    And a beachcomber style
    Piratical nerve
    And a Vaudevillan style

    Let’s have fun tonight, TRS. I truly believe we need that.

    1. @atomicsentinel I refuse to support any and all leftists, no matter what the cost is to me personally. In this case, it’s some musicians that I may have enjoyed in the past. I also support your right to partaaaayyy. So you go for it and I’ll pass.

    2. @atomicsentinel We had a beautiful sunny, (very rare for this time of year) and warm day today. I’m on a natural high.

  14. I thought what the LE, Barr & those who have suffered personal tragedies had to say today were very powerful!

    1. @msliberty What does LE stand for? Also, I haven’t heard the exact words AG Barr had to say. I did hear it reported on our local news radio (WBAP) on my long drive home today. I heard no report of others though. I need to find it somewhere online.

      1. @golfcartone Law Enforcement. It’s mostly used as LEO – Law Enforcement Officer. Barr’s comments were short but very reaffirming that Trump has the legal authority to do this & we need to protect the border.

        1. @msliberty Ok. I know what LEO is because I am one (retired). I just didn’t realize LE was same thing. That’s what I heard about Barr but did he include those who have suffered personal tragedies or did some of them also speak up today? I need to find this online somewhere. Thanks, msliberty!

          1. @golfcartone – Yes, I thought your were LEO. Sorry, I just shortened it. One of the mothers spoke & a dad whose son became addicted. There were several of the parents there but I only saw 2 of them speak. It was very touching. The LEOs were so supportive of Trump & clear about what we are facing on the border.
            You are so welcome friend!

  15. Proving why they earn the “fake news” label. Lies are told through omission just as much as they are out of their mouths.

    I used to work with a libtard that denied various things happening. He literally told me that if CNN didn’t report it then it never happened.

    1. @kong You remind me of one I worked with when Obama was first running for President in 2007-2008. I had learned about his connections to Rev Wright, Bill Ayers, et al, and was horrified. This coworker, a very nice and intelligent man, told me, “Oh I’m sure that can’t be true, because if it was we would have heard about it on the news by now.”

      That was when I knew the Media had killed our country.

  16. Thank you, AG Barr, for your comment and for explaining this in a way that anyone can understand it. Of course, there will be those who CHOOSE to not understand, and I don’t know if there’s any answer on how to deal with them.

  17. I expect CNN and MsNBC to start calling AG Barr a hack by tomorrow. They will probably add that Trump has Barr shaking in his boots.

  18. This distortion of public perception happens in hundreds of ways on every network, in every media outlet every day.

    Thanks for sharing this one because the more ammo we have, the more we can fight back against the drumbeat from the mainstream.

  19. I don’t know if this (network blackout) constitutes treason, but I am certain that if this had ever happened under Obama, and Fox refused to carry it, those two networks would be the first ones to use the word Treason.

    Of course we’ll never know because it never happened and never will.

  20. The media are the enemy of America , people need to understand they won’t ever be for what’s right or report the truth.

    @therightscoop thanks for posting and you nailed it when you said “I just don’t know what to say anymore about how bad it’s really gotten. These networks are virulently anti-Trump and they could care less about the truth. All they care about is ousting Trump”.

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