[UPDATED WITH EVEN MORE] — AG Bill Barr drops some cold hard TRUTH on origins of Russia investigation!

MSNBC has just released an interview with AG Bill Barr where he drops some cold, hard truth about the Russia investigation that will be most uncomfortable for liberal ears, especially because it defends Trump from an egregious and baseless attack by both the FBI and the media.

In this first clip, Barr explains why he believes the FBI acted inappropriately to begin their investigation of the Trump campaign and points out that there never has been any evidence of collusion, despite the hounding the Trump administration has received over the last three years:

He continues that here with more specific details:

Barr is asked if he still stands by his claim that the Trump campaign was spied upon:

Barr hits the media HARD on fanning the bogus narrative of the Russia investigation:

UPDATE: Here’s another clip I found from MSNBC on Barr discussing Durham’s investigation as opposed to the IG investigation:

UPDATE: Here’s another video of Barr today talking with the WSJ, in which he says if you actually look at what happened in the origins of the Russia investigation you’d be appalled, and goes on to explain what he means, noting that the FBI’s spying attempts came up nil so they used the Steele dossier:

UPDATE: Another damning clip from Barr, similar to the one from the WSJ, where Barr discusses how the FBI ignored exculpatory evidence from their spying attempts, hid it from the FISA court, and just used the bogus dossier:

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