WATCH: AG Garland gets GRILLED by Republicans today, reveals leftist NSBA is why he began targeting parents over CRT and more!

AG Garland is on Capitol Hill today and is getting absolutely grilled by several different Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee.

In one instance Garland revealed that a letter from the leftist National School Board Association was the impetus for his targeting of parents complaining about CRT under the guise of violence and threats:

He also cited what he read in the ‘newspaper’. Seriously. He didn’t cite any investigation done by the DOJ or FBI before putting out that memo, just a letter from the NSBA and ‘reports’ in the newspaper. It’s no wonder people have lost complete faith in these now partisan institutions.

Earlier, Jim Jordan wanted to play a video of parents voicing concerns about CRT, but Democrats blocked it citing a phony rule about protocol:

Rep. Mike Johnson also went after Garland on his conflict of interest given that his son-in-law is selling CRT materials to thousands of schools around the country:

Garland claimed his memo has nothing to do with his son-in-law and refused any suggestion that he should have the DOJ’s ethics council look into it.

Chip Roy proceeded to grill Garland on the sexual assault that happened in Loudoun County earlier this year by a student pretending to be transgender:

After hearing Garland admit he knew nothing of this, Mercedes Schlapp wondered how it’s possible that Garland wasn’t briefed on it? Luke Rosiak, who broke the story in the first place, responded that the FBI wasn’t interested in pursuing it:

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