WATCH: Allen West explains how he would secure the Texas border on Tucker Carlson

Last night Tucker Carlson had Texas gubernatorial candidate Allen West on his show to discuss the out-of-control situation at the border. In the interview, West explained exactly what he would do as governor to secure the Texas border:

West starts out by saying he would deploy 6,000 National Guard troops to the critical areas of the border. He would also go after these NGOs who are helping coordinate these migrant caravans and “aiding and abetting illegal immigration”, saying he’d revoke their licenses and take away their ability to do this.

But more than just putting troops on the border as a physical deterrent, West says he would declare these human and drug trafficking cartels as “transnational nacro criminal organizations” so that they could go after their resources and financing and arrest officials at any bank aiding and abetting these cartels.

All of that sounds fantastic to me and that’s just the first couple minutes. Watch the full interview for much more…

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