WATCH: Andrew McCabe justifies what Clinton/DNC did to Trump in 2016 as perfectly fine

This is totally absurd. Andrew McCabe was on with Chris Cuomo last night and actually justified Clinton and the DNC paying for the Russian dossier as though it was perfectly fine and above reproach.

Skip to 2:31 below:

McCabe says it was perfectly legal for Hillary and the DNC to hire a law firm who then hired a research company who then hired a foreign individual to do opposition research.

Wow really? He was getting his “research” from people in the Russian government!

How is that totally fine, but Trump suggesting he would ‘listen’ to something a foreign actor told him about his opponent an abomination?

For the past two and a half years all we heard about is “Russian collusion”, which by the way is not illegal. And yet that’s exactly what the Democrats did and hacks like McCabe just gloss over it as no big deal whatsoever. The double standard is so blatantly obvious it’s pathetic.

And further more, McCabe’s characterization of Trump’s comments were appalling. He never once suggested he would take information gained illegally and use it against his opponent. In fact he said that if he thought there was something wrong he would then report it to the FBI.

McCabe truly wants to take down Trump and that’s quite evident in this clip where McCabe is advocating for impeachment:

No, he’s not political at all. What a schmuck.

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