WATCH: Angry Sheriff releases VIDEO of fierce gun battle with illegal PROTECTED and RELEASED by California’s Sanctuary City Law!

The Tulare sheriff office in California just released body cam video footage of an intense and fierce shoot out with an illegal who was protected by California’s new sanctuary city law. It happened on Monday of this week.

The illegal, Gustavo Garcia, was arrested for a misdemeanor by the sheriff’s office and ICE put a detainer request on him. Garcia had a lengthy rap sheet, including being deported TWICE. But because of California’s new sanctuary city law, SB54, the sheriff’s office was unable to comply with the detainer request and had to release Garcia.

Two days later Garcia then went on a crime spree, shooting several people, killing at least one, stealing a truck, and then initiated a huge gun battle with police when they caught up with him. They’ve released this video of the gun battle noting that Garcia was on a “personal reign of terror”:

Garcia later died after he crashed his car into other vehicles on a California highway.

The Sheriff of Tulare County is livid and said all of this could have been avoided if they were allowed to work with ICE. He was in this news segment below explaining what happened:

The Democrat at the end of the clip defending the law, Estella Kessler, doesn’t even answer the Sheriff’s dispute with the law. She just says if someone is going to commit a crime there’s no stopping them from doing it. But that’s absolutely not true in this case. The sheriff’s office would have never released Garcia if they had been allowed to honor ICE’s request, he never would have had the opportunity to commit any crime.

Fox News documented the reign of terror Garcia went on after the sheriff’s office was forced to release him.

It’s ugly:

Garcia’s rampage started at around 1 p.m. Sunday when he shot a farm worker who was in the middle of unpacking fruit in Exeter. The farm worker was expected to recover.

Moments later, Garcia robbed a convenience store with surveillance footage showing Garcia firing shots at the ceiling and demanding more than $2,000 in cash, according to the Fresno Bee. Police believe the shooting of the farm worker was meant to be a distraction for the robbery.

At 7:30 p.m., Garcia shot a Motel 6 guest in the arm and chest in Tulare, police said. Her wounds weren’t considered to be life-threatening.

“She had made eye contact with the subject and he had followed her to her parking spot, where he got out of the car and for an unbeknownst reason began firing at her vehicle,” Tulare interim Police Chief Matt Machado said.

At around 1:30 a.m. Monday, Garcia shot up a Shell gas station near Pixley and then killed Rocky Paul Jones, 51, about an hour later outside an Arco AMPM in Visalia, police Chief Jason Salazar said.

“It appears his rampage and his acts of violence were random and they were not chosen targets, which makes it even more dangerous,” Boudreaux said. “This person was targeting anyone who got in the way.”

He then fired shots from the backyard of his ex-girlfriend’s Visalia home as she and her children were inside. Police said the girlfriend and her children escaped unscathed.

Garcia fired shots into a home in the Sultana area and then crashed his car after a two-minute police chase during which he shot and hit pursuing sheriff’s cars and deputies fired back.

Garcia then stole a truck at gunpoint from three farm workers and led authorities on a chase in which their speeds topped 100 mph on State Route 65. Garcia was driving the wrong way in traffic and appeared to be fixated on hitting other cars, California Highway Patrol LT. Scott Goddard said.

Garcia died after smashing into four cars, leaving one driver in critical condition and the other three minor injuries, Goddard said.

So let’s sum up. One person is dead and two others are injured. Another person is in critical condition because of Garcia’s wreck. He also put the lives of many others in danger, including the police officers who were in a shootout with him.

All of this because the Democrat state of California won’t allow the Sheriff’s office to comply with ICE detainer requests.

(h/t: Daily Wire)

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