WATCH: Anti-Israel Antifa mob attempts to swarm police car and – surprise! – it was NOT a smart move

Nobody every accused mobs of 20 something jackass Antifa idiots of being smart. Or any mob of jackass idiots, obviously. But mobs of 20 something jackass idiot Antifa morons are especially idiotic and jackassy.

They’re used to singling out, surrounding, and attacking defenseless old people and other civilians to try to play tough, almost always under cover of dark. They pin cops in building behind debris and try to set fires. They throw things from far away while hiding behind shields and masks.

But they got a wild hair this weekend and tried to swarm a police car while protesting against Israel for reasons they can fathom even less than we can. AOC doesn’t like Israel so neither do we! A Republican likes Israel so we don’t! It doesn’t really matter what dumb seed kernel of half-thought crept into their tiny reptilian brains, what matters is how funny it is to see them thrown from the hood of a cop car.

So enjoy!

Absolute morons.

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