WATCH: AOC tells YOUTH town hall Americans who reject CRT are RACIST, Repub Reps embrace ‘THREATS’

At virtual youth town hall on Friday Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took questions that were submitted by teens across the country and answered them in highly partisan and inflammatory ways, because as a Democrat manipulation and corruption of youth is lauded by the media.

In one example, a student asked why people like Paul Gosar are even allowed to be “employees” of the government anymore. Rather than explaining how representative democracy works, AOC took the opportunity to go off on a tangent about how communities all across America are “accepting of racism” because they oppose indoctrination of students by Critical Race Theory.

There’s a short clip going around from the GOP showing just that part of AOC’s answer, but below is the full clip with the question and her entire answer, in which she goes on to suggest that Republicans are just very racist and lots of Americans that aren’t as hip and savvy and modern as New York are backward bigots and how upset that makes her.

She also laments that no Republicans were willing to administer “retribution” against Gosar. I’m serious she says retribution. Watch:

Here’s the key quote that’s going around.

“I think one of the things that has been almost, like, difficult for me personally in working in Congress is seeing how different, you know, not only the rest of the country is because that diversity is great. It’s not that it’s different, but it’s how accepting of racism a lot of other communities are. And it’s tough, it’s tough to say that. I’m sorry to say that but, you know, I think it’s kind of — it’s interesting because, you know, this is a youth town hall, right, we’re all dialing in from schools all across the district and there was recently this debate in Virginia, for example, that people don’t want their kids really learning about racism or the history of racism in the United States. They call this Critical Race Theory.”

“Why do people like Gosar exist? It’s because a lot of people still, there’s still a lot of communities that tolerate, encourage and accept racism in this country. And not only that, but there are lots of members of congress who accept not just racism but also threats based on gender identity and beyond.”

She brags about Gosar being stripped of power because districts that have Americans who oppose CRT are racist and therefore undeserving of representation. And she says Republicans encourage “threats” against people for hateful reasons.

If a Republican gets shot by a teenager this is why. If a Christmas parade gets run over by a Democrat, this is why. AOC is telling teenagers and everyone else that Republicans are an existential threat, a threat to their very lives, and also so are any parents who go to town halls to oppose CRT. I wonder if any leaders in world history ever came up with the idea of telling youth that all opposition to the party is a threat to one’s existence? Curious if there are any, like, parallels for that sort of thing. Like an “AOCer Youth” but for some other historic figure. Oh well maybe I’ll think of it later.

Like any Democrat, she hates America and loves to say it. And the media treats that as her being patriotic because hate is love and peace is war and the penised individual who raped you is a woman.

We live in the age of lies.

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