WATCH: Babylon Bee CEO blasts Big Tech as company files brief in support of Gov. Desantis FIGHTING BACK

“They’re engaging in politically motivated viewpoint discrimination,” said Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon on Fox & Friends this morning. The “they” here, we all know, is big tech. And everyone knows that’s what they do. In fact they are pretty open about it, as are the libs and media (but I repeat myself) who demand it.

I mean, they have a Facebook “whistleblower” on capitol hill this week who got the media all worked up about how Facebook isn’t doing that ENOUGH. How Facebook is too lenient in allowing people to say opinions that aren’t doctrine.

Dillon and his company, satire website The Babylon Bee, have filed a brief in support of Florida standing up to Big Tech censorship.

“We face some of these censorship problems, we’ve faced challenges with fact-checks being abused to try and get us de-platformed,” Dillon told Fox. “There are new policies now that are aimed at curbing and minimizing hate speech, but really they’re going to affect satire like ours.”

Dillon says they target Babylon Bee because the site mocks libprog sacred cows. That is unquestionably the case, as is the case in all things. You mustn’t ever cross progressive doctrine. If you do they don’t just come for your opinions but your livelihood and your right to participate in society. They don’t hide this, they are proud of it. They even do it to liberal Senators using the toilet.

Dillon explains that abuse of Section 230 is all part of the big Big Tech scheme.

Progressive doctrine is what everything is about all the time. You must teach it in schools, if you oppose that you’re a domestic terrorist. You must enforce progressive doctrine online, or you’re going to have your company broken up. You must speak only progressive doctrine or you won’t be allowed on TV.

I mean the other big scandal this week was that AT&T “enabled” One America News. THAT’S the scandal. That they ran their business AS a BUSINESS resulting in unauthorized opinions!

We are in an ideological war, but only one side is treating it that way. And it ain’t ours. How long until our current failure to recognize the danger becomes a past tense regret?

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