WATCH: Biden asked how many genders there are and his answer was full of FACEPALM

Yesterday Joe Biden was asked by a college student in the Iowa crowds how many genders there were.


When asked how many genders there were, Biden replied “at least three”. But then when asked to name them, Biden responded “don’t play games with me kid”.

How is it playing games to ask Biden to name what he had just described as “at least three” genders? It’s NOT, and the only reason he said that was because he can’t name them. If he had even tried he knows he would have stuck his foot in his mouth.

Then after he was moving away, he reached back over and condescendingly told the student that he was the first one to come out for marriage, by which I’m presuming he meant gay marriage. But that has nothing to do with gender identity at all. I know he was trying to boast his bona fides with the LGBT movement, but that was a terrible answer.

Now the part about the forceful grab. Honestly, it didn’t look like much to me at all. He just grabbed her by the shoulder to get her attention because it appeared they were a little further apart than before. Also, Biden is not a young man anymore and who knows, maybe he needed a little stability or something. Either way, I think it’s a huge mistake to even focus on that, especially when his gender answer was so much GOLD.

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