WATCH: Biden asked how many genders there are and his answer was full of FACEPALM

Yesterday Joe Biden was asked by a college student in the Iowa crowds how many genders there were.


When asked how many genders there were, Biden replied “at least three”. But then when asked to name them, Biden responded “don’t play games with me kid”.

How is it playing games to ask Biden to name what he had just described as “at least three” genders? It’s NOT, and the only reason he said that was because he can’t name them. If he had even tried he knows he would have stuck his foot in his mouth.

Then after he was moving away, he reached back over and condescendingly told the student that he was the first one to come out for marriage, by which I’m presuming he meant gay marriage. But that has nothing to do with gender identity at all. I know he was trying to boast his bona fides with the LGBT movement, but that was a terrible answer.

Now the part about the forceful grab. Honestly, it didn’t look like much to me at all. He just grabbed her by the shoulder to get her attention because it appeared they were a little further apart than before. Also, Biden is not a young man anymore and who knows, maybe he needed a little stability or something. Either way, I think it’s a huge mistake to even focus on that, especially when his gender answer was so much GOLD.

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96 thoughts on “WATCH: Biden asked how many genders there are and his answer was full of FACEPALM

    1. It’s a little late for that. They need to start handing out honorary woke exception cards for the geriatric dementia patients in the Democrat party

  1. The correct answer is two, but I’m not sure anyone here can say how many genders there are in the PC world. Since the Democrat party claims to stand for that group they should know how many PC genders there are.

    Then again, they keep adding more to it so that may not be possible.

  2. Aren’t there 71 genders…I lost track….oh I better brush up on my gender facts or I will be labeled a “hater”

        1. Did you watch the Democrat Socialist Convention? There’s a few minutes that are viral on internet, but I watched several hours of it and it’s just hilarious. Everyone who speaks has to announce their gender pronouns.

  3. Three questions:
    1. How can the “Party of Science” believe there are more than two genders?
    2. Could Joe Biden be more awkward?
    3. Joe Biden is the biggest creep ever, did she expect that he wouldn’t treat her like trash?

    1. 1. How can the “Party of Science” believe there are more than two genders?

      Because everything they claim to be they actually aren’t. Right down to the word “progressive.”

  4. He said he was the first one for marriage.

    WOW. Marriage has been around for a long time so that makes him almost prehistoric. Joey must be even older than a McCainosaurus.

      1. Y’mean slow boil or fast boil? It’s gonna turn out to be the same turd gumbo either way

  5. Biden assumes he has locked-up the Midwest states that Hillary lost, but as he goes further left he will lose more and more moderate democrats just like the 80s when they all went to Reagan.

  6. The correct answer is there are no genders yet also there are as many as you want there to be, depending on your truth. Gender is nothing more than a social construct, not true science like climate change. Silly Uncle Joe

    1. Everything is a social construct.

      Even my receding hairline is a social construct

    1. The media will let him get away with everything. If the media don’t think it s a problem, then it is not a problem.

    2. If he’s the most “electable” Democrat candidate that gets along with the common folk like they say then LOLOLOLOL @ the Democrats

  7. I can’t wait for Sleepy Joe to debate Trump… then again, I doubt he’ll be the Dem nominee.

      1. I believe it will be Warren/Castro… the Dems are going all in with identity politics. If it’s not Warren, it will be another woman; but Castro will be on the ticket for sure.

      2. I’ve heard a couple times on the radio that they think that it’s going to be Big Chief Shoveling Bull.

        1. Possible if she is able to gather the votes of the others as they drop out. I see Biden getting many of Buttigeig’s voters, but Warren will get Bernies and many of Kamala’s.

    1. I identify as an attack helicopter.

      I still don’t see my gender type listed on forms.


  8. That’s why weak republicans can’t give in on red flag laws. In a 24hr. news cycle, even mass shootings tend to be quickly replaced with new events. Democrats are divided and in a bad place for 2020. Any gun control laws passed and you kiss that advantage goodbye.

  9. And “how many genders are there” is an actual topic young people are concerned about?

    If so, we are F**KED for the future.

    I think I need to watch my copy of “Idiocracy” while it still seems like satire and not an actual documentary..

    1. As a young person I can say yes unequivocally and you need to be ordering the survival food storage yesterday, because we’re not gonna make it

  10. Forget the grab but he was still disrespectful to her calling her “kid”. She may be young enough to be his granddaughter but still show a little respect to someone who addresses you if you want to be president. Biden is a “wise guy” who thinks he’s tough.

      1. Even though my brother is not here anymore I can still hear what he’d say……….”He’s a smacked a$$”

  11. In fairness to Biden, it sounds like the younger generation was attempting to trip him up, because he’s not their preferred candidate (a socialist revolutionary), and the ‘forceful grab’ allegation is just another attempt to knock him out of the race.

    1. I don’t know what the girl’s intent was with the question, but that grab of her upper arm was a problem.
      He was not just touching her shoulder to get her attention.

      1. Biden isn’t used to being challenged, and he certainly reacted poorly, but where have we seen these tactics before (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez)? If going on the attack, and then waiting for pushback in order to play the victim isn’t a page straight out of Rules For Radicals, its certainly something 21 century marxists have adopted, and people on the right shouldn’t be manipulated by it because the target is a Democrat.

  12. You won’t be winning in the poles if you deal with the devil! How about all you guys get together like the left does and tell them to pound sand!

    1. Well, Joe,

      “It started long ago in the Garden of Eden
      When Adam said to Eve, baby, you’re for me”

      You see, Joe,

      “The purpose of a man is to love a woman,
      And the purpose of a woman is to love a man,”

      (Not exactly a Mindbender…)

      1. Haven’t you read the new LGBTQABC bible? In Genesis it says, “God created Adam a helpmate and named him Bob.” It’s right there in rainbow colors.

        1. No, it says, “The non-binary, gender-unspecified deity created two non-gender-conforming co-partners, as any other course of action would have normalized patriarchalism, and let xem choose whatever names and other pronouns xey preferred.”

  13. Joe is a elitist smug puke. Thinks he is naturally superior than others because he is white. A true racist is what he is.

  14. I thought libs were all about science.. I guess they didn’t look at the science of Biology much . I guess I should give Mr. Biden a pass since there were only four elements in the periodic table when he went to school – fire, earth, air, and water

  15. “more than 3, cause I know you want me to say more than two, but I have no freaking idea what the hell the right answer is, but it used to be 2”

  16. That’s really what you should just say anytime you run into any hardcore progressive spouting anything.

    “I think we should have meaningful background checks.”
    “How many genders are there?”

    If they answer wrong, comedy gold.

    If they answer right, follow up with:

    “Then how can you be so stupid about [whatever prog thing they just said].”

  17. If he would have said “Hell I have no idea anymore” he actually would have garnered a little respect.

  18. I’m not standing up for Biden here, but the girl really is making a mountain out of a molehill here. Candidates are always in a hurry. Was Biden’s response great, no, but getting all offended is a little snowflakey.

  19. On the grab? That was at least as forceful as the Michelle Fields,’ one on which the media had so much fun.

  20. There are indeed three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter. But the third gender doesn’t apply to any humans. Which is, of course, the point.

  21. “Don’t mess with me, kid.” = Assault
    Grabbing her arm is battery. Well done, Uncle Joe. What are you going to do if she goes to the police? Demented, old man.

  22. “I’m a college student and I’m wondering how many genders there are.”
    Is this one of the kids that play soccer but don’t? You’re in college. Figure it out yourself.

  23. 3? And the arm grab was nasty. I have never taken a woman’s arm like that, ever. I can’t imagine doing that under any circumstances. It was purely an act of intimidation, especially when combined with his statement, “Don’t mess with me kid.” He’s deplorable.

  24. Why do we let dumbocrats get away with this? Biteme should be called out for grabbing a FEMALE student, he likes to touch girls inappropriately!!!

  25. For once Biden stumbled onto the right answer. There are three verb genders. Past tense, present tense and future tense. Give the old man credit for something.

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