[UPDATED WITH MORE] — Biden calls Iowa voter a “damned liar” after he calls Biden out for sending his son to Ukraine to sell access to Obama!

A voter in Iowa actually stood up and accused Joe Biden of sending his son to Burisma in Ukraine in order to sell access to Obama. Biden responded by calling the man a “damned liar”, but the man continued and it was epic.


Here’s a bit more on this:

UPDATE: Here’s a video of the entire exchange…

Wow. I don’t know anything about this man’s position on politics, but I’ll give him credit for challenging Biden directly on his son’s involvement in Burisma.

The man clearly got under Biden’s skin, to the point that Biden almost insulted the man for his weight. It sounded to me like Biden almost said ‘look fatty…’, except he cut it off at ‘look fat…’ He also challenged the man to a push-up contest, which kinda sounded to me like he was going after the man’s weight even then. (Update: This challenge was probably also related to the man commenting on Biden’s age)

And did you hear how sure Biden was that MSNBC would never say that he sent his son over to Burisma? The man said that’s where he heard it but Biden argued with the man saying there’s no way he heard it on MSNBC. Democrats know they have the mainstream media in their pockets and Biden demonstrates that here.

The man finally ended it by telling Biden that it looks like he doesn’t have any more backbone than Trump does, at which the crowd strongly booed and at that point Biden just moved on to the next question.

UPDATE: The man who challenged Biden was talking to the press when a Biden supporter walked up to the man and said “why don’t you just get out of here”. To which the man replied, “stick it up your ass, fella”. The two men then had a few words..

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