WATCH: Biden just gave Trump a really cool nickname….

Joe Biden just gave Trump a really cool nickname that I think is going to stick.

Biden referred to Trump as the “Great MAGA King” in a speech a few minutes ago on his terrible economy:

Clearly Biden doesn’t know what he’s doing because the whole point of nicknaming someone is to highlight a weakness or just make them look bad.

But “Great MAGA King” makes Trump sound larger than life and I’d bet you money that he loves it.

People on Twitter sure do. Here’s a couple of examples and I’m sure they’ll be many more…

In related news, Biden is still lying about everything:

Biden is such a liar. The economy had already been rebounding for months when Biden took office in January of 2021.

He’s also lying again about Republicans raising taxes:

Biden is the one making people spend more on everything with inflation and high gas prices. Yet he demonizes Republicans who lowered taxes and had a great economy under Trump? He’s such a putz.

Lastly, Joementia’s brain got out of sync with his mouth again:

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