WATCH: Biden Supreme Court judge absurdly tries to make religious liberty case about RACE

Joe Biden’s Supreme Court judge, Ketanji Brown Jackson, tried hard today to make the religious liberty case before the court about race.

And she used a stupid ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ analogy to try and make the point.


This is idiotic.

Someone choosing to get married to a person of the same sex is not the same thing as someone being born white or black or brown. ‘Race’ isn’t something you do. It’s a part of who you are when you come out of the womb. It reflects your family ancestry.

But marrying someone of the same-sex or opposite sex is absolutely something you do. It is a behavior and a decision based on a preference. And I don’t have to agree with your decision and your behavior, and you shouldn’t be able to force me to do so. I have the God-given right to choose to live my life and conduct my business how I want.

But just for kicks, let’s just turn things around and see how it works. Let’s say there’s a wedding photographer or website designer that only chooses to do photos or websites for gay couples. That’s their niche. Is Colorado going to accuse them of discrimination??? No of course not. Nobody cares about someone not doing photos or websites for straight people because straight people are in the majority.

It’s like when these race hustlers claim that black people can’t be racist against whites because whites are the majority. It’s just made up garbage to justify insanity.

I sure hope one of the other justices addresses KBJ’s idiocy here when the final decision comes down next year.

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