WATCH: Biden told maybe the biggest lie he’s ever uttered in Daily Show interview and even some leftists call him a liar

Joe Biden may have just told the biggest lie of his life in an interview he did with the Daily Show yesterday.

In the inteview clip, Joe Biden actually makes the claim that he had an ‘epiphany’ about gay marriage when he was a senior in high school. That would have been around 1960.

This is a total load of bull maneur. And what’s so bad about this lie is that it is easy to prove it’s a lie.

Take for instance this video montage where Joe Biden defends the Defense of Marriage Act and says on the record that he opposes gay marriage:

He’s been opposing gay marriage for a good part of his career and has only acquiesced to it recently, since 2008. But he is suggesting he’s been a supporter of gay marriage since 1960??

Cenk Uygur, who I despise, is one of those leftists calling Biden a liar:

Okay that’s the only leftist I can find on the fly for admitting that Biden lied. But here’s another few tweets that you might find funny, or maybe ironic:

Biden has a ‘tell’ when he’s lying. It’s when he’s talking with his hands. Heh, or just talking.

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