WATCH: Biden tries to walk his blood red tyranny back as SOON as Peter Doocy asks him about it

File this one under: yeah nice try, but no. After calling Republicans and Trump supporters fascists who a threat to our nation specifically and also to the very concept of democracy on earth, and his press secretary has doubled down on it so many times it has to be expressed exponent, and after his blood red (or pink if you’re CNN) tyranny speech saying all that and more in the style of General Hux, he had the audacity to pull a “COME ON MAN” when Peter Doocy asked him if he really thinks the things he is saying.

“Mr. President do you consider all Donald Trump supporters to be a threat to the country?” asked Peter Doocy. Which is the OBVIOUS question that any real reporter ought to ask.

“Come on!” said Biden as if wounded.

“Look, guys, you keep trying to make that case,” he said blaming the press which I thought was bad.

“I don’t consider any Trump supporter to be a threat to the country,” he lied.

They get to say two opposite things and it doesn’t hurt them one bit because the media won’t call them out. It only happens when Fox News, some reporters from Africa, or as so very rarely happens, someone not with the mainstream Democrat media is given the chance to ask a question.

WHEN that happens, as with Doocy today, the rest of the MSM piles on the ridicule and cheers for Biden or whoever his press secretary is. They literally used to call them “Psaki Bombs” when she would pull the “how dare you” act.

Still it’s hilarious to see him get a real question from a real reporter and have to try and old-man dance.



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