WATCH: Biden’s handlers CLEAR THE ROOM when press starts asking questions, and even CNN is starting to talk about it…

Earlier today when Kamala and Joe were doing a teleconference, at the end a reporter started asking Biden questions and his campaign handlers immediately cleared the room:

As the tweet and video shows, even CNN’s Brianna Keilar thought it was strange, saying “couple notes….one, not a whole lot of questions from reporters there. I mean we keep pressing the Biden campaign; there needs to be more questions from reporters. We know that.”

And then it happened again. After Biden and Kamala’s short speech a little while ago, reporters immediately started asking questions and Biden just responded “We’ll talk about it later.”

Uh yeah, sure Joe. Whatever you say.

Dana Perino was asking Ari Fleischer about this today, asking him if this unwillingness to take questions is sustainable. His short answer was yes, if the media lets them get away with it. And he’s right. If it were Trump doing this there would be segment after segment on Trump being afraid to answer questions. But with Biden it’s just a 10 second mention on CNN and that’ll probably be about it.

I’ll leave you with this clip of Biden saying that we need a national mask mandate because it saves lives ‘expedentially’:

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