WATCH: Biden’s HHS Secy wants to use taxpayer dollars to get women across state lines for abortions

Joe Biden’s HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra was asked today what he’s doing to protect women in response to the Hobbs decision which overturned Roe v Wade.

Becerra told the NBC reporter, who was interviewing him for the Aspen Institute, that HHS is looking at transporting women across state lines in order to get abortions.

When Becerra was asked if he could do that legally, that’s when he suddenly became ‘shy’ and wouldn’t give a straight answer, saying only ‘talk to me later’. He then started to say what he really thought but realized it was being recorded and demurred.

That’s because Becerra knows he can’t do it legally. The Hyde Amendment prevents taxpayer money from going to fund abortions and I would think that transportation for the purpose of getting an abortion would fall squarely under that ban.

But I’m sure they’ll claim it’s legal and argue that this is just ‘transportation’ costs and not the funding of the actual abortion. And they’ll probably hope to win on that argument in court, because that’s exactly where this is going to be if they proceed with this lawless policy.

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