WATCH: Bill O’Reilly drops some HEAT on Critical Race Theory

Bill O’Reilly discussed a poll tonight on how Americans feel about race relations between black and whites versus what it was 20 years ago:

As the tweet suggests, the short of it is that Americans feel that race relations between black and whites are much worse than they were 20 years ago, with 57% thinking they are bad now as opposed to only 35% in 2001.

But Bill O’Reilly says there’s no good reason for this dramatic increase:

“In 20 years America has not changed to become more oppressive to African Americans. In fact things have gotten better. Far more programs, far more opportunities in the job place, social situations. Things have changed for the better.

But the number is upside down because of the media. The progressive media wants you to believe that the United States persecutes – and that’s the word – persecutes African Americans, in particularly, police.”

BillO goes on to explain critical race theory and how the corporate media has totally embraced it, with the talking heads over at MSNBC even calling white people racist who don’t want CRT taught in schools.

He puts the blame for the state of America, as reflected in the latest poll, squarely on CRT and says progressives now want to teach this crap to six year-olds. He says to just imagine how much more divisiveness that’s going to create in this country.

There’s a lot more in the video, including BillO’s own thoughts on CRT.

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