WATCH: Bill O’Reilly interviews NYU Physicist on Global Warming and he had some interesting things to say…

Last night Bill O’Reilly interviewed a physicist from NYU on the issue of global warming, aka climate change, to get to the truth of what we actually know about the subject and if it’s really happening.

Koonin says a couple of things of note in this interview. First, he says the earth has warmed up about two degrees farenheit in the last hundred or so years.

However, Koonin says science hasn’t truly determined why this is happening. They believe it’s a combination of natural and human causes, but they don’t know to what degree. It might be 75% natural and 25% human, or vice versa. Or 100% natural or vice versa. They simply don’t know.

Further, when it comes to the US and the draconian measures Democrats want to force upon us, Koonin reminds O’Reilly that the US is only 15% of the world’s emissions and that even if we went to zero emissions tomorrow, the growth in emissions around the world would soon nullify it, making it as if we hadn’t done a thing.

And lastly, when O’Reilly laments the melting at Glacier National Park in Alaska, which he’s visited and says is about 50% over the last 15 years or so, Koonin notes that we have seen melting over the last 30 to 40 years. But, he adds, if you go back 100 years you’ll see that the glaciers were melting then just about as fast, saying there’s a lot of natural variability in this melting.

Watch the video for more…

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