WATCH: BLM tries to take over Brooklyn Bridge, NYPD says NOPE! Righteous shoving ensues.

It was literally pushback from the cops last night. First, let’s be clear, Black Lives Matter and Antifa are bosom buds, joined together in their common cause of rioting every night forever no matter the reason. So even though most headlines will say just the BLM part, y’all know what’s up. And last night in New York City, the groups were doing their usual hate cop thing and decided to take over Brooklyn Bridge.

Yeah that didn’t go so great for them. There are two videos to see from this. First, one from the walkway. Second (below) is from the roadway clearing.

The above video has this description from the protest “journalists” who are part of the “movement”:

The NYPD are forcibly removing bystanders and reporters from the walkway of the Brooklyn Bridge following brutal arrests of protesters in the roadway. Many activists were pepper-sprayed directly in the face by officers.

Officers won’t give a reason why the walkway is unsafe.

The New York Post explains it to them.
Dramatic footage by The Post shows a crowd of protesters snarling traffic and squaring off with cops just a block from City Hall on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday night.

Six cops were seen corralling one man with his hands behind his back at the Manhattan mouth of the bridge from around 10:30 p.m.

“He’s breaking my finger,” the grimacing man claims.

“What am I being arrested for?,” another can be heard asking, as swarms of officers disperse several dozen protesters coming off the bridge onto Centre Street.

Dozens of protesters had crossed the bridge by walking along its Manhattan-bound roadway, blocking cars.


You gotta love the lefty reactions.

I’m just over here drinking tears and thinking about frying pans.

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