WATCH: Bret Baier GRILLS Liz Cheney and she gets quite annoyed and combative

Tonight Bret Baier grilled Liz Cheney on whether she agreed with the criticism that she is far too focused on Trump and not on Biden and it appears to me she got annoyed and combative.


Liz Cheney thought she was going to get an easy interview like she’s been getting across the MSM, who are happy to let her go on and on about her Never-Trumpness because they all hate him too.

However Baier give her some push back, asking her about what other Republicans who voted her out are saying, that’s she’s far too focused on Trump and not at all on Biden. She of course disagreed.

But just after the four minute mark, she started getting annoyed and snippy as she kept going on about how Trump’s a big fat liar and she must tell this to the world. She zeroed in on Fox News and suggested they ‘especially’ have an obligation to call Trump out on his lies. Bret interrupted to defend his show and she was like RAWR RAWR BRET YOU’RE DOING THE INTERVIEW AND I’M ANSWERING THE QUESTIONS!

She really forced her points out there even though Baier clearly wanted to ask her another question.

Baier then asked Cheney if she voted for Biden, and she said she didn’t and wouldn’t vote for a Democrat. When asked if she thinks Biden’s better for America than Trump, she said Trump’s policies were much better and that she voted with them 93% of the time. But, she adds, that’s not the issue. She thinks the only way the Republican Party wins next year is to go around preaching against Trump and his election ‘lies’ and making sure people know that the Republican Party isn’t about a cult of personality, especially of a man she claims ‘launched a violent attack on the Capitol’.

She got that last zinger in there as the interview was concluding, so there was unfortunately no pushback. But that last zinger is so much the reason why I don’t like her. You can say Trump had irresponsible rhetoric like Ted Cruz – heck, you could probably say a lot of things. But saying he launched a violent attack on the Capitol is absolutely wrong. Cheney likes to beat up on Trump for ‘lying’, but she’s doing the same thing when she says this because it’s simply not true. And she even voted to impeach him based on these lies. Trump expected the crowd to protest peacefully on the Capitol lawn and he even said that in his speech.

Cheney is now a one issue politician and I’d be shocked if Wyoming voters, who voted overwhelmingly for Trump, give her another chance next year.

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