WATCH: Brit Hume says if Biden wins in November, Republicans will be out of power for a long time…

Brit Hume was on with Tucker Carlson tonight to discuss Trump, Biden, and the upcoming election in November, and said that if Biden wins in November it would likely mean that Republicans would keep losing for several election cycles:

Here’s more from DC Examiner:

A victory for Joe Biden this fall will likely put Republicans out of power for a long, long time, Fox News political analyst Brit Hume warned.

Hume said on Thursday that President Trump’s ability to sway voters into supporting his candidacy for a new kind of leadership may backfire if people turn to a more progressive agenda in the future.

“Trump was elected in an overwhelming response from people who said, ‘I’ve had enough, I don’t want any more of this,’ and he’s governed as a disruptor,” Hume said told Fox News’s Tucker Carlson Tonight. “If this swings back this quickly, it is a little hard for me to see it swinging back in the other direction for quite some time, so I think this election is different. This is big. No doubt.”

Hume noted that many analysts and pundits agree that the election will be a close one with the country largely divided politically. He also said the Trump campaign needs to step up and pick and choose its battles wisely, referring most recently to the Fourth of July.

Hume, who praised Trump’s recent Mount Rushmore speech on Independence Day, said he was disappointed he didn’t continue that message moving forward and instead chided NASCAR racer Bubba Wallace on Twitter, accusing him of staging a “hoax” regarding his allegation that there was a noose in his garage.

“He has opportunities here. He has chances,” Hume said. “The sheer leftward drift of [the Democratic Party] and the outright leftism of its agenda seems to present opportunities if the Trump campaign and Trump himself can capitalize on them. It remains to be seen if he can or will and can stop talking about himself long enough to talk about something else and talk about their agenda and his message.”

I think there are a lot of people starting to doubt whether or not Trump can pull it together in order to win in November. It’s not 2016 where he was new and fresh, he’s a known quantity now. I’d say that with Democrats really swinging far left this election cycle, Trump needs to swing harder to the right. Harder to law and order. Harder on Supreme Court nominees. Harder on lowering regulations and taxes. Harder on cutting spending and the size of government. Harder on abortion. Trump needs to give people something to vote for, while exposing the nonsense of Biden and the left. He’s already proven he can keep promises, so he needs to tell America what the next four years hold for a Trump presidency.

He can start with announcing that Prime Minister Kushner is going back to the private sector effective immediately, and taking Ivanka with him.

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