WATCH: Brit Hume expresses a big concern about Trump’s trade war with China…

Brit Hume weighed in tonight on Trump’s trade war with China on Fox News’ Special Report.

Watch below:

Hume didn’t seem to be dead set against the trade war, acknowledging that there isn’t much Trump can do about China’s bad behavior other than using tariffs.

The one thing he worried about, though, was whether China could outlast the US even though it’s clearly in a weaker position and suffering more so economically. The reason for that concern, according to Hume, is based on the fact that China is not a democratic country that’s responsive to it’s people like the US and that they could potentially wait us out, ignoring the suffering of their people.

He did note that much of the criticism from the right that Trump’s gotten in the past has subsided these days, and he believes it’s because people on the right recognize that “you have to take on these people somehow”, referring obviously to China.

And lastly, he’s not convinced that paying off farmers through subsidies is going to successfully counter these tariffs. It can get very expensive doing it this way.

Watch the video for more…

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