WATCH: Candace Owens DESTROYS Democrat in congressional hearing after getting unfairly smeared

Candace Owens was on Capitol Hill today testifying as a GOP witness at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on white nationalism.

During the committee, the despicable Ted Lieu attacked Owens by playing some comments by her taken out of context, to suggest she could have supported Hitler.

Here’s that video:

Leiu didn’t even give Owens a chance to respond to the smear he’d just leveled at her.

But thankfully the Republican ranking member gave up his time to allow her to respond, and did she ever.



I loved how she dropped the smack down on Ted Lieu and his hit job, correcting the record by adding the appropriate context and then calling him “unbelievably dishonest” and making clear she was deeply offended by what he’d done. It was awesome and you could tell she was fired up!

Also, Nadler is such an idiot. Owens didn’t refer to Ted Lieu as stupid in her remarks and yet he barked at her twice over it! Yet he had no apologies after she pointed out his error.

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165 thoughts on “WATCH: Candace Owens DESTROYS Democrat in congressional hearing after getting unfairly smeared

  1. I have been listening to Candace Owens’ comments before Nadler’s committee being replayed all morning and I’m mightily impressed. I am not talking about her response to Lieu. I’m talking about her taking down the Democratic party on their hypocrisy and agenda. I can’t access the links above, so I don’t know if that was included, but it should be!! Thank you, Scoop, for highlighting this hearing and conversation. I had actually gotten on here this morning to send you a tip about it.

    1. She is the only one courageous enough to correctly call the Jim Crow laws the “Democrat Jim Crow laws”, and the KKK their proper name, the “Democrat Terrorist Group, the KKK”.

  2. Lieu and Nadler prove themselves to be truly despicable Congresscritters once again. Not a good day for them or Mad Max either.

  3. Candace is da bomb! She SO put them in their place! THIS is the type of Republican we need, not the mealy mouthed morons we have in Congress.

  4. Sorry, I don’t applaud people that are still pleased with themselves over the doxxing site they ran as a Democrat to doxx people on the right that didn’t worship Obama. Also, she thinks we should let convicts vote, because some told her they’d vote R when she interviewed them. I don’t trust her one bit.

      1. @dr-strangelove Funny, when I posted here on my Disqus name, you understood me just fine and we’re nice.

      1. I have never been a Democrat. I refuse to be a sheep and cheerlead anyone that only gets Conservative when it’s convenient for them.

  5. I registered with this newfangled doohickey comment system just to say BAM.

    P.S. Hi. Anyone remember me?

  6. I was so proud of her when I heard that clip! She wiped the floor with those Dems. Congrats, Ms. Owens. I doubt anyone will forget who you are after that spanking you gave those idiots.

  7. Candace Owens is AMAZING and I am thrilled that the GOP congressman yielded his time so that she could point out what liars and hypocrites the demonrats are, that they can NEVER win at anything honestly. Bravo for HER!

  8. Candace is an AMAZING woman! What a smack-down against the idiots. Weak Rhinos should take notes listening to her!

  9. God bless Candace, she fears not. It’s artful how she leveled the truth to those that won’t listen.. Well we heard.

    1. Candace Owens is the type of person we need in the GOP, who will not take any garbage off of anyone and will take them on immediately, smacking naughty, liar demonrats on the nose with a newspaper every time they spew dirt everywhere…we need people like Candace Owens, who is not and never could be a RINO or a demonrat!

  10. Typical liberal mischaracterizing Owen’s explaining her remarks as “trying to distance herself from them” rather than truthfully as trying to stop liberal Democrats from mischaracterizing them. Nadler is so stupid he doesn’t even know who Candace was calling stupid.

    1. SHE did not call anyone stupid! Nadler is nothing but a failed lawyer who does not listen, which is why he has spent all these years in congress…seems to be where idiots go when they are unable to feed themselves normally!

  11. I tried to find to original “full clip” but it’s not a quick search. I did find this Periscope vid she did to try and clarify immediately after the event in question.

    Unfortunately Candace Owens fell in the same trap that Trump did with the word ‘nationalist.’ Too many young folks and low-info old folks have no freaking clue about the rise of nationalism as a movement in the 20th Century. It “only” caused World War II.

    It’s similar to how people just completely fail to understand the word Zionism. I’m sorry, but you don’t get to redefine words like that just because you’re ignorant of history.

    People try to do this with the Constitution all the time. Change a word meaning today, and wa-laa you’ve changed the Constitution! Yay! Well too bad. It doesn’t work that way.

    Nationalism was, and still is, an “ism” with an original meaning, just like Marxism, Capitalism, and Communism. And it was a meaning that went against everything enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

    What if a new conservative decided ‘communism’ just means, “Having a strong community?” Are you going to sit back and let conservatives cheer on communism because of that? I hope not.

    But Ted Lieu still got it wrong, and he’s still a piece of garbage. So good for her for hitting back.

    1. You don’t understand Nationalism it seems. You want to compare it to Hitler? Are you a Liberal or a NeverTrump? Naziism was made out of National Socialism, not Nationalism. Every country has Nationalism which, according to Merriam-Webster, is loyalty and devotion to a nation especially: a sense of national consciousness, exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of it’s culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups (like the United Nations.)
      Get real.

      1. “You want to compare it to Hitler”

        Ted Lieu, is that you?

        At least Candace actually namedropped Hitler before someone threw Hitler at her.

        Nationalism is a political philosophy from the early 20th Century. You don’t go to a dictionary to understand a political philosophy. If you want real, read some history and learn what it is.

    2. @k-bob I am curious how you actually define the word “nationalism.” You said a lot above what it wasn’t, but not what it is.

      One thing I am concerned about when Leftists like Lieu try to hit us with this word is that they automatically conflate it with “white nationalism.”

      I think you can hold your country in high esteem, higher than any other country (which I would define as nationalism) but that has nothing at all to do with the odious and racist “white nationalism.”

      IMO, this is what Candace was fighting back against.

      1. @nc checks and balances
        Patriotism is what people confuse with nationalism. A patriot cares about the founding, and the hard-won ideals of his country. He puts his nation before other nations, but not just because he lives there.

        A nationalist is more concerned with geography and territory, and who is to be allowed within. It’s just as blindly factional as leftist factionalism.

        I think younger folks on the right have been scared off from using the word ‘patriot,’ because the left always makes fun of patriotism. About the only thing nationalism has going for it is that is scares the left.

        But more importantly, no nationalist movement in the 20th Century turned out well. Nationalism depends on insiders who get to decide who is also “in.” And I don’t mean just the one time. Oh, no. It’s a constant game. Eventually only the purest survive. That is in direct opposition to liberty.

        You are correct about Candace’s viewpoint. But it’s an unwinnable game, trying to redefine a term so soaked with blood. The left corrupts all terms. It’s easy to ruin a perfectly good word. Look what they did to ‘gay’ and ‘multicultural.’ But redeeming a word from corruption is exceedingly rare.

        Even a more technical seeming term that needn’t have a negative connotation, like ‘stormtrooper;’ will never be redeemed in this century. “Nationalism” isn’t going to win votes that Trump didn’t have the last time.

        1. @k-Bob

          I think younger people on the right are pretty much just using the term nationalism as the opposite of globalism.

        2. “A nationalist is more concerned with geography and territory, and who is to be allowed within.”

          @k-bob curious where you got that definition from?

          How is nationalism soaked in blood unless you are referring to the war of 1812 and American Indian wars?

        3. @k-bob It seems to me that this may be one of those words that is going through a transitional period – bringing certain connotations to some people and different ones to others. Ironically we have identified at least three strong connotations to this word “nationalism” – with the same definition!

          This is food for thought that I need to chew on for awhile…

    3. Def:
      identification with one’s own nation and support for its interests, especially to the exclusion or detriment of the interests of other nations.


      “Nationalism is a political, social, and economic ideology and movement characterized by the promotion of the interests of a particular nation, especially with the aim of gaining and maintaining the nation’s sovereignty (self-governance) over its homeland.”

      Candice was correct. Hitler is not a nationalist since he killed his own people. Nationalism can be abused like any other “ism”, but can bring about a lot of good like it did in this country now and in early 1800s.

      How is nationalism against the Constitution/Declaration of Independence?

      1. @abe lincoln

        Communism can be given the exact same whitewashing treatment, yet still be the movement responsible for more deaths than any other such “philosophy” in history.

        Nationalism is an exclusionary worldview, where “insiders” work to marginalize/exclude “outsiders ” Very much in opposition to ordered liberty.

  12. Bravo!! Standing Ovation for stating the truth brilliantly!!
    Lieu’s smug, condescending, look tells the whole tale…..he got caught! Bunch of small minded bigots.

  13. sorry for the off topic. Is it a bad idea to report a gofundme because she is raising money for her abortion?

  14. Candice Owens Lowered the Boom of Truth on Top of Racist anti-American Democrat Heads, specifically Ted Lieu, one of the most vile racist pathological serial lying leftist Democrats ever to be elected to Congress, which is saying a lot considering the company / competition he has.. who tried to use standard leftist editing of a recording to project a false statement by Candace Owens, whom Candace Owens proceeded to tear apart the lie it was, for the Entire Nation to see.. along with a side dish of slapping Jerry Nadler up side his head for his inane incoherent stupidity. lol

  15. Seriously? Calling someone out for THEIR OWN WORDS is “unfairly smearing” them now? My freaking butt! That is called accountability, if you say something horrible and show how ignorant you are, people are allowed to criticize you for it.
    He played HER OWN WORDS! Nothing unfair about that. Maybe stop being horrible people, if your own words bother you so much.
    EDIT: Yes I know what context means, and EVEN WITH CONTEXT what she said WAS STILL HORRIBLE. The context doesn’t do her any favors, if anything it makes it worse! LMAO!

      1. Even with context, what she said was still horrible.. Heck, it makes her look even worse!
        At best, it was VERY ignorant of the atrocities that occurred WITHIN Germany at the time. Context doesn’t make what she said any less ignorant.

        1. @okinkun It must hurt for you not being able to process what Ms Owens said in context with Ted Lieu’s charge. Read much?

    1. Man are you stupid. Someone asks you if you burn puppies and you say “I don’t burn puppies” and they edit out the “don’t” and accuse you of burning puppies.
      Man, are you stupid.

      1. lmao no such edit was made to what she said. I listened to the full context, it doesn’t help her case.

    2. Are you kidding me??? That’s what you got out of that exchange??? That speaks volumes about you.

    3. Yes, you are actually unintelligent, intellectual deficient.

      Ted Lieu playing a recording of an edited segment out of context is intentionally deceptive to portray a false narrative, aka a lie.

      If leftists like yourself want to play games, we can dissect them and you all day long with the truth.

      Maybe you should try using your brain for something other than an Obamacare door stop.

  16. Leiu is a racist and his actions are deplorable. Unfortunately, as seen in regard to the fake Russia hoax on Trump, these politicians have no ethics or morals, no shame or sense of decency.

  17. Mark R. Levin

    Candace Owens demonstrates how to confront a sleazy leftist congressman

    1:50 PM – 9 Apr 2019

    I was listening to Mark on this very topic while out on a drive with my wife. Mark was extremely proud and impressed with Candace. If only the republicans would fight back and make arguments like Candace. Candace is a brilliant person who woke up not too long ago. Following her career is going to be amazing.

      1. Trump realizes that we are at war with the left over the direction this country will go and puts on the gloves and the niceties to the side. As he should during desperate times like these. 90% of republicans prefer to play patty cakes with the democrats.

  18. PRAISE GOD FOR CANDACE OWENS. May God continue to pour out His abundant blessing and WISDOM from above on her. She deserves none of what that pompous, arrogant, jerk Lieu projected upon her. She may not have called him stupid, but I will. STUPID!!!

  19. That, my friends, was a complete arse-whoopin’ Mopped the floor with the hapless Ted Lieu. Just love me some Candace Owens.Hopin’ to see more of same.

  20. I watched as much of this Live as I could this morning because I knew there’d be some fireworks.

    Naturally, I muted many of the Democrats when they babbled on but heard The Dishonorable Ted Lieu’s audio bit from his phone and the subsequent smackdown when she was given time to respond.

    I also like how she nailed Jerry Nadler when he gaveled her and claimed she said something she did not. She wasted no time smacking him around for not even bothering to listen to her comments.

    Representative Tom McClintock got a bit ‘long-winded’ with his statement but his point was right on – Free speech can be hurtful at times but we shouldn’t be suppressing it if it’s “hurtful” because it gives that ‘hurtful comment’ more power than it deserves. Instead we should have an EQUAL voice to counter those ‘hurtful comments’ and weaken it.

  21. I love this and am particularly impressed with the way she slipped Prager University in to the Record in just the short minute or so she had to speak.

    Prager University has reached over two BILLION views, most of them to young people, and Candace is a big part of that. She is very involved in an outreach to college kids to help counter act the saturated Leftist programming they marinate in daily.

    We need more like Candace Owens.

  22. Democraps behavior is incredibly disgusting especially when it comes to Conservative minorities.

  23. “…hearing on white nationalism.”
    Sigh… we have two choices, nationalism or globalism. That’s it. Just two. Nationalism means that you love your country. Nothing more. It has nothing to do with being white.
    The media are teaching the masses well to use the two interchangeably.

    1. It’s a sleazy ploy to tie nationalism (and patriotism) to white nationalism and white supremacy.

  24. In a bar fight, I think Owens would mop the floor with Teddy and it would be fun as hell to watch !

  25. This is as idiotic as the anti-Semitic Congresswoman Omar calling Stephen Miller, who is Jewish, a white nationalist!!!

    Stupidity, ignorance, and dishonesty!! Vote Democrat!

  26. I’m not at all surprised by the behavior of Lieu and Nadler. To them Owens is “the help,” she is to be seen but not heard. To them her role in society is no greater than being a depiction on a bottle of pancake syrup.

  27. When are Democrats not dishonest? He should work for the MSM. They do crap like this all the time to tell a lie.

  28. Lieu is a world class ,A number 1, ASSHOLE. It’s too bad Ms Owens couldn’t call him that right there in the committee. She has too much class and integrity to stoop to that asshole’s level.

    Sorry for the crude language but I believe it is entirely warranted when referring to that ASSHOLE Lieu

  29. Candice demonstrated the moxie it requires to lay bare for all to see the leftist democrat’s willingness to employ absolute dishonesty to push a false narrative. Nadler and Lieu were exposed for being the despicable and deceptive low life’s they are. Good for Candice for calling Lieu out for editing the recording of her.

  30. I wish the RINO’s had 1/4 of Candice`s guts and integrity in calling out those buffoons.

  31. Mr.Nadler,also got smacked down by Ms. Owens.See the look on both he and Mr.. Lieu’s faces..Maybe the President can use her on his staff as the liaison between he and those loudmouth RINOS that won’t support him and His agenda.

  32. The body language of Lieu and Nadler. Pompous, elitist a-holes! I really wanted to type the word but trying to be respectful of Scoop, certainly not of those jerks!

  33. The only thing MORE disgusting than this blatant display of, first, rank dishonesty followed, quickly, with even more rank hypocrisy by the execrable Mr Lieu which was compounded by the obvious stupidity of Fat Jerry Nadler is the fact that so many Republicans who could have retained their seats and prevented the Democrats from taking control of the House, chose to cut and run. May they NEVER hold elective office again for the rest of their miserable lives. If the House was just too much to take for one more term then that is the fault of those members who allowed it to become thus.

  34. Who cares if it is not proper to call a member of congress stupid. It is clear that label applies to both lieu and nadler.

    1. @pb92 Except she didn’t. And they didn’t acknowledge her correction of that fact.

      1. I know she did not call him stupid. It shouldn’t matter if she did since he is clearly stupid.

    2. Nadler thinks he is better than those he is supposed to serve. That is exactly what is wrong with the political crapbags.

  35. See: this is EXACTLY why I do support having Congressional hearings, as it gives the Democrats just enough rope to hang not only themselves but also their entire party.

  36. ‘Rats on full display on that clip. Their wickedness, mendacity, deliberate distortion of the truth there for all to see & hear.

  37. This type of crap makes me incredibly angry. I honestly don’t know how these people live with themselves. If the truth isn’t enough to disparage my enemies, then I would consider that maybe I’m on the wrong side. But the disgusting left can’t tell the truth, or it undermines their own arguments.

  38. Look at Lieu that prick the way he sits there popping his fingers back and forth. He needs those fingers put somewhere else!

  39. Candace Owens is frickin’ awesome! She doesn’t take crap from any liberal/leftist trying to skewer her. She lets them talk and waits, and then knocks down their leftist talking points/lies day in and day out with Turning Point USA and it’s awesome to experience! Nadler is a little creep and just tried to intimidate and silence her. What he doesn’t realize is Candace will not be silenced. She’ll hit back twice as hard and destroy their arguments. I love this gal!

  40. Whoa…you go girl..AMEN! Even her out of context explanation showed far superior analytical skills than Nadler or Lieu could ever possess…Nadler could only hear the word stupid which then made him look stupid (yeah)! So disturbing that Liberals are evil and so is their agenda!

  41. Candace is a very intelligent young woman. Really liked the way she smacked down Nadler and Lieu who are both despicable.

    1. @sjmom I follow Candace Owens, Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA on Instagram. They travel all over the country speaking on student campuses and they always have such great videos. Between her and Charlie Kirk, they tag team and destroy liberal/leftist talking points and narratives.

      They always have question and answer sessions after they speak and indoctrinated students try to debate with them. I always enjoy it immensely because the two of them take turns destroying the stupid arguments from the students.

      I know that they are having an effect on the campuses because the left comes out like crazy to protest them, but I have hope that they are actually reaching some of these brainwashed minds.

  42. But wait, disagreeing with a black person is racist, isn’t it? I guess only if the black person in question has the audacity to escape the Democrat Voting Plantation.

  43. That is the nature of our politics: someone makes a statement that one believes is outrages, but one fails to asked the person for clarification. Why? The clarification may not fit one’s narrative. Although this occurs on both sides of the political spectrum, leftist have quite an affinity with spewing this type of propaganda, taking quotes out-of-context, something which is evil.

    Remember Charlottesvile, Virginia

  44. She easily could have played the victim and race card, like a good democrat, but rather she argued her points and made them both look like fools. Well done.

  45. I love it.

    “So tell me why you love Hitler, Hitler-lover.”
    “Um, I don’t – and I can’t believe you think anyone would be that stupid.”
    “HEY, don’t you call the panel names. We can call you names, but you can’t call us names.”

    Sheesh. How much longer are we going to put up with these aristocrats.

    1. @atomicsentinel I love how Candace turned it around though and through it right back in that idiot Nadler’s face. He’s such a twit and she’s WAAAAAAY to smart for him.

  46. Democrats are continuing to expose themselves every single day… keep it up, Dims!! Nadler defending his buddy Liu, as he was assassinating Owens’ character.

    Was Ted Liu’s face a reflection of the verbal slapping he was getting from Owens?

    1. @ciceroni-excogitatoris His giblets turned into bee bees. I thought I heard them hit the floor. Lieu looked like he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and wanted to find a safe space.

  47. Unbelievable in it’s arrogance. Then she corrects him and gets smacked down for something she didn’t say. But she handled the smack back to Nadler very well. Yep, let’s attack the woman who has just been attacked.

    1. She’s been around the last couple of years gaining notoriety for being a black Trump supporter. She seems mostly Conservative, but time will tell. She and Charlie Kirk were attacked a while back and that made the rounds.

      1. She has absolutely nothing in her resume except being a loudmouth. She just spouts right-wing slogans mindlessly, and people eat it up. No one wants substance anymore, they just want ignorant angry shouting. And she’s an endless fount of that.

        1. Her style is not for you.. One thing is on her resume: Turning Point USA. She and Charlie Kirk trying to make a difference on college campuses

        2. @soopermexican She has done a lot to bring blacks off of the Plantation of the Democrat Party. She walks the walk and she and Charlie Kirk do a great job with young people. Trust me she’s more than a “loudmouth”.

          1. No she doesn’t. The only reason you believe that is because of what you hear out of her loud mouth. Is there any evidence at all they’ve done anything to help change minds or are they just out to make a buck?

          2. @sjmom I couldn’t agree more. I have to disagree with @soopermexican on this one. To me, her in-your-face style is exactly what is needed at the college level where these young people are so indoctrinated into left-wing ideology, she has the wit to come back and explain very deftly, the conservative positions. She is not stupid, she recently woke up from the liberal plantation and has learned an immense amount in a short time.

            Is she a Trump supporter? Absolutely she is. I think at this point in her political journey, she is a product of the current surroundings and upbringing and for her to decide to think for herself was a liberating discovery. Being a black conservative, she is garnering non-stop attacks from the Marxist left and she has had to develop a thick skin to not let it bother her. She’ll continue to learn and gain wisdom as she continues on her journey. Don’t let perfection be the enemy of the good!

            1. Welp, I read about her on Wikipedia, and it wasn’t until that long ago she identified as a “liberal democrat”.

              While she’s supposed to be “bringing the blacks away from the democrat plantation,” she is also consistently shouting that “these people”, “liberals,” and “leftists,” are “the source of all this country’s problems”.

              I really don’t think that’s a good way to convince people of anything.

              1. If you don’t think leftists are the source of this country ‘s problems, that is a problem.

                1. Leftists are Americans, like you and me.

                  What do you suggest we do with them? Kill them all?

                  We’re supposed to be trying to win them over to our side. No, you can’t always do that with everyone, but the more we demonize them the farther left they will go and the greater the divide will be between us.

                  If this lady really wants black liberals to cross the aisle, calling them names and accusing them of destroying the country isn’t the way to do it.

                  She just seems like an entertainer to me, someone who makes money off of other people’s emotions. Almost a trans-Hannity, if you will

              2. She has been very up front about being a recent convert to conservatism. I have seen several interviews of her explaining this. She admits she is still learning. She is very young and I would add dynamic.

                1. @kram-nivel Exactly! She’s very smart and her personality is strong and in your face. But for times like these, especially at college campuses, you need that type of personality to get through all of the progressive/leftist rhetoric.

        3. You can’t appreciate Owens because she is way above your pay grade When it comes to lack of substance you take first prize. I applaud you for knowing how to spell resume even if you don’t know what it means.

        1. @SooperMexican So, are you saying she could possibly be another…Sarah Palin? Got really burned by Palin. Although I did see Owens in an interview with Roseanae Barr and I had a few twitches here and there, but nothing overwhelming.

        2. Really, Soop, I’m serious. You have a very strong reaction to her. You think she’s faux? I’ve read the article and I’m not quite sure what they’re accusing TPUSA of? Just being scammers to Conservatives?

    1. I disagree with you completely regarding Candace! I wonder if you’ve even listened to any of her talks. She educates blacks about the history of the democrat party truthfully which is sorely needed. Ted Leiu, you’re correct, is a complete moron and he just proved it on video.

    2. To be honest, I haven’t listened to her that much. Nothing she has said has gripped my attention to the point that I wanted to find more of her speaking.

      But that said, I also haven’t seen her being overtly stupid or intellectually dishonest. This Leiu dust-up is another good example (like her encounter with Antifa at that cafe) where she’s being attacked by dishonest people, though. Sure, Leiu is a moron – but he’s also a liar.

      Owens has every right to defend herself and I think it’s interesting to watch how Democrats deal with a black woman who doesn’t fall into their Democrat narrative.

    3. I’m not going to stand behind everything Candace Owens has ever said or done. She’s way too quick to defend everything about Trump, for example. But everything in this confrontation refutes the idea that she’s a moron.

      She was asked about nationalism, which the media wants to paint as always-evil. And she’s right in her statement that the left always wants to use the example of Hitler to prove that nationalism is the equivalent of racism. Her push-back is also correct, that the problem with Hitler was not his nationalism per se, but his global ambitions and his racism.

      (I do think she’s wrong to equate “global ambitions” with being a globalist, since they’re two different things. But shes right that it wasn’t his “nationalism” itself that was the problem.)

      So they try to extract just the part that sounds damaging, where she says, basically, that if Hitler had just been a nationalist, promoting his own country, that would be fine.

      True enough. Does anyone really think we would have gone to war with Hitler if he had just been a nationalist? The West stood by while he overran Austria and Czechoslovakia, and only reluctantly declared war when he invaded Poland, making it clear he wasn’t going to stop.

      Remember, at the time, we knew nothing of the Holocaust. If Hitler had stopped his ambitions after Czechoslovakia, would we have ever learned about the Holocaust?

      But Lieu didn’t care about accuracy. He just cared about the narrative. And whatever her flaws, Candace Owen didn’t let him get away with it.

      Good for her.

    4. @soopermexican Owen is pretty knowledgably considering her age. And frankly, she appeals to a lot of young people unlike the old RINO farts in the Republican party.

    5. It must be embarrassing to be this stupid. To compare Owens to Nadler is like comparing cream to spoiled milk. Get a life, get a job but get some smarts first

  48. Candace Owens is a powerhouse! I love listening to her.
    As for the Democrats on the committee, they’re dishonest.

  49. I just googled the story, and all the results that came up were “news” outlets reporting on how Lieu “embarrassed” Owens “with her own words”, and they all have the first clip, but none of them have the clip of Owens responding. Lieu knew he can count on the media to play his game. That’s why he has that smug smirk at the end.

  50. This young woman is awesome. She’s got what it takes…Trump should hire her…and anywhere important would be fine.
    Maybe weekly counseling to Congressmen and Senators would be a good fit!

    1. @new-west Candace does a lot with Charlie Kirk at colleges and universities. She’s very busy so though I agree with your sentiment I doubt she’d have the time.

    1. @army_pilot1967 I am reminded of the old ‘Smothers Brothers’ segment when Tommy defined the word ‘politician’ as “From the Greek word ‘poly’ meaning ‘many’ and ‘tick’ meaning a blood-sucking parasite”. Seems fitting.

  51. Guess which clips make the evening news…… anyone? Never mind, I withdraw the question.

    1. She is a voice that no d should ever mess with. I like her style and think she is spot on. The left do not know what to do with a strong woman of color who speaks the truth. The left are used to those that bow and thank them for all they have. Not Candace. She is a powerful voice for conservatives. I like her style.

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