WATCH: Candace Owens TORCHES liberal witness who attacked her in White Supremacy hearing

Candace Owens was attacked today by a liberal witness in a Congressional hearing on White Supremacy, and when given the opportunity she torched said witness for misrepresenting her comments. She also torched Democrats for pretending that White Supremacy is a big problem for the black community:

What upset Owens so much was not only that her comments were misrepresented by Dr. Kathleen Belew, but that in doing so this Belew brought up the fact that Owens was listed in the Christchurch massacre manifesto.

Owens said “The audacity of you to bring up the Christchurch shooting manifesto and make it seem as if I laughed at people that were slaughtered by a homicidal maniac is in my opinion absolutely despicable.”

But besides the misrepresentation of her comments, the bigger point Owens made was that the entire hearing was a farce. She said that if she were to make a list of 100 problems in the black community, white supremacy would not be on it. But at the top of the list would be father absence and the education system/illiteracy rate.

Watch the video for much more…

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101 thoughts on “WATCH: Candace Owens TORCHES liberal witness who attacked her in White Supremacy hearing

  1. Lord, I love Candace! She was raised by her grandfather who taught her that she was free in The greatest country on earth and she could do anything she wanted to. He did not teach her to be racist and hate white people or anyone else.
    She told ‘em the truth, eh?

  2. And people wonder why I like Malcolm X. Minister X had the number of the White liberal, past, present and future:

    The white liberal is the worst enemy to America, and the worst enemy to the black man.”

    -Minister Malcolm X

    He also stated:

    The worst enemy that the Negro have is this white man that runs around here drooling at the mouth professing to love Negros and calling himself a liberal, and it is following these white liberals that has perpetuated problems that Negros have. If the Negro wasn’t taken, tricked or deceived by the white liberal, then Negros would get together and solve our own problems. I only cite these things to show you that in America, the history of the white liberal has been nothing but a series of trickery designed to make Negros think that the white liberal was going to solve our problems. Our problems will never be solved by the white man.”

    -Minister Malcolm X

    I’m no fan of Owens, but I do agree that is is hilarious. What’s hilarious is the fact that she thinks she can reasonably speak to White liberals (and Asian and Black liberals), and expect anything meaningful to come from this. It’s also hilarious that she thinks that attaching herself to the Republican Party as some sort of mouthpiece will accomplish anything, either.

  3. BOOOOOOM !!!!!!!!!

    The TRUTH Bomb heard round the world !!!!!!!!

    Candace Owens Literally Lowered the BOOOM – Called Down The Thunder on these Leftist Sanctimonious White Liberal Democrats, especially that arrogant leftist feminist elitist Yale Prof Kathleen Belew, with Abject In Your Face Fact TRUTH !! who had the gall to lecture her, an American Black Woman about Racism, White Nationalism Terrorism being the greatest threat to people, the Black Community, Churches, etc.. as the cause of Black impoverishment, Domestic Hate and Violence

    It was literally a sight to behold as Candace Owens ripped their sanctimonious leftist lying soulless hearts out and set it on fire !!!!!

  4. Candace went on to say “Black America is DONE being used as an election-cycle prop”. I would love to see her debate Cummings,Sharpton or any democrat inner city mayor. She would crush them.

    1. And, again, Owens is wrong. Blacks that want to be used as House Negros for the Slave Party still exist, and their numbers have seen no significant decline. Minister Malcolm X once said:

      In Washington, D.C. in the House of Representatives there are 257 who are Democrats. Only 177 are Republican. In the Senate there are 67 Democrats, only 33 are Republicans. The Party that you backed, controls two-thirds of the House of Representatives and the Senate and still they can’t keep their promise to you, ’cause you’re a chump.

      Anytime you throw your political weight behind a political Party that controls two-thirds of the government and that Party can’t keep the promises it made to you during election time, and you are dumb enough to walk around and identify yourself with that Party, you are not only a chump but you are a traitor to your race.

      Nothing has changed.

      Blacks are still being trapped in an education system that teaches them that the Democrat is the Great, White Hope of the Black Man, and that Abraham Lincoln was a Democrat ( This system that Republicans have been perfectly content to allow to fester and transform into an operation for creating poorly educated proletarians, teaches that poverty, victimization, the victim-mentality and oppression are the natural state of the Black man, which breeds contempt and resentment, from an early age. Parents that graduated from that useless organization – now headed by Trump (who apparently lied about his positions on it: ‘Cut Department of Education and Common Core. (Oct 2015)’; ‘Cut the Department of Education way, way down. (Jun 2015)’; Common Core means Washington tells you what to study. (Feb 2015); Teach citizenship; stop “dumbing down”. (Jul 2000); Supports vouchers to let parents choose public or private school. (Nov 2016), etc) – certainly don’t have the wherewithal to correct such wrongthink in their own children, because they’re stupid enough to believe it, themselves. If Republicans ever cared about such things (which I am no longer inclined to believe they did), then they would have done something about it. They can’t directly help, because it’s not their job to help one ethnic group, over others, but they could’ve set the conditions, where people could help themselves. They could’ve dissolved the odious, un-American tax system, and restored it to what the Framers and Founders had wanted, including the 16th Amendment, allowing people to keep more of their own money, in their own pockets. They could’ve eliminated the Department of Education, altogether, forcing communities and states to do the job they should’ve been doing, all along: educating their own children, to their own standards, and not to standards proscribed by White liberals, like bigot and anti Semite James Earl Carter. They could’ve created competition in schools, instead of working to maintain leftist, union monopolies that damage children. All this, and more, but the Democrats are not going to do it, and the Republicans have no interest in doing it. This is why Blacks that are stupid will continue to vote for the people that make them stupid, and against the people that lie and say they want the best for them, while not lifting a finger to make that happen. As for debating one of these so called Black leaders? She’s be kicked out, and made a laughing stock. Again. She’s a terrible debater, when it comes to debating other Blacks, especially inner city Blacks, because she has a distinct inability to communicate with them, which they all see and dislike. She’s no good at this, and shouldn’t do it, anymore.

    2. woops meant to write the following respo0nse to this post lol
      wouldn’t be much if a debate- She’d start off by greeting them “Hello”
      and they’d run for their safe spaces and emotional support pets-

  5. That was impressive. Looks like you have a bunch of people who have feelings that don’t have supporting data but their feelings require something be done now or they feel they will feel bad.
    How in the world did we get to the point that we make national decisions based on feelings, one of the most manipulated things ever.

    1. “… something be done now or they feel they will feel bad.”

      Nail on head.

      24 hour news coverage and social media have done more damage to Americana than anything I can imagine and I am afraid nothing can be done about it.

    2. How dare she wander from the dem plantation and use facts to support an argument.

      In their minds, Candace Owens is nothing but an Aunt Jemima for us white folks. Disgusting.

    3. i feel very sad that you mock my feelings, and will push for a law to protect my feelings immediately- I furthermore- don’t care how you feel about that because only my feelings matter!

      1. wouldn’t be much if a debate- She’d start off by greeting them “Hello” and they’d run for their safe spaces and emotional support pets-

        1. I am sure the Dems have had safe spaces installed outside every chamber, or all these snowflakes melting would flood Congress.

      2. You cannot disagree with me or be offended by me because that makes me feel bad and when that happens you must be harmed to the greatest extent possible because only that will make me feel better.

  6. There is no comparison between white supremacist crime and black on black crime. Since that doesn’t fit the democrat narrative the media ignores it.

  7. Candace knows what she’s talking about unlike the others on the panel. It’s amazing how truth and knowledge will shut down lies and feelings.

  8. She unleashed with a virtual carpet bombing of every liberal on that panel. What a beautiful thing to witness. That few seconds of silence right at the end if her response says it all. She completely shut down the other side. Truly awesome.

  9. Can you see it? AOC’s presidential challenger when they both turn 35? Get the popcorn ready. She is awesome!

  10. “Laughing at it is a real problem.”

    “Laughing at it is a real problem.”

    “Laughing at it is a real problem.”

    EVEN IF that’s what she had done, NO IT IS NOT A REAL PROBLEM.

    Insensitivity is not a crime. Making light of tragedy is not a crime. Dark humor and noir comedy is not a crime. Hurting someone’s stupid feelings is not a crime. FFS, we live in a nation of toddlers.

    1. That is why I enjoy reading so many of you responses,honest,hard hitting,too the point.and no punches pulled.

      1. And it’s important to do so too. Because if you can’t laugh at something – if something is so serious and so emotionally bothersome that you feel compelled to take it off the table of jocularity – then man, you’ll never be able to truly see it objectively. Never.

        “I’m offended” is both a weapon and a crutch. It’s a weapon in that it aims to silence people from discussing something objectively, for fear of hurting someone else’s feelings. It’s a crutch in that it keeps oneself from viewing something objectively, for fear of being emotionally consumed by it.

        There’s no need to go around intentionally offending people, but people shouldn’t be afraid of/upset at being intentionally offended either. We can’t ever start to solve serious problems, until we stop taking them so damned seriously.

        1. Yep.I would like to respond with more than just Yep, but I can’t.I either accept it or not.I accept it.Nice response.

  11. Third and fourth on Candace’s list of problems in black America were illegal immigration and abortion. When are Congressional hearings going to address the real problems?

    1. My guess? Never. Not from the left because it doesn’t mirror their agenda. Not on the right because they haven’t the guts.

    2. They don’t have to. They have no reason to do so at all.

      Folks will vote for them anyway. It’s better than the other guy, right? Congress knows this. That’s why they have zero fear of ignoring what the voters want. When the binary choice comes around, the electorate can be depended on to be cowards.

      1. A real coward is a blowhard. Are you waiting for Mr./Ms. Perfect to represent you in your city, state and country? I enjoy wit and cleverness but when it’s all you offer, it’s dull and obnoxious. Get your head out of the sand and lead and don’t wait for the politician to do it for you.

        1. No, not Mr. Perfect.

          But, at the very least, Mr. Pointed in the Right Direction.

          Which is an option we rarely get in these shams of federal elections. I mean, the options are there – of course. Usually being ignored in a third-party. But until this gutless, yellow, pathetic dumpster fire electorate learns to vote their principles instead of their fears – they’ll basically be willing subjects to a ruling class that knows precisely how to manipulate them.

  12. That was great to see , bravo for Candace for having the backbone to stand up and tell these bottom feeders what real facts are.

    I applaud Candace for telling it like it really Is “But at the top of the list would be father absence and the education system/illiteracy rate” .

    Kathleen Belew the other hand showed her ignorance and total lack of any understanding by saying Candace was on the Christchurch massacre manifesto.

    I loved the look on Jordan’s face, he was enjoying see a smart woman in action.

    1. For a minute there I thought that the poodle asleep on the chubby girl’s head was going to run out of the room.

  13. Jim Jordan looks so happy and so am I. These Libs are looking stupider by the day. November 2020 can’t come soon enough.

  14. Well I guess she told them! Right on Candace!

    And the two white hags need to stfu about race as experienced by blacks to a black woman. What arrogance and stupidity.

    1. The Dems thought Meadows was going to bring another token black woman to the meeting.

      They get away with so much blatant racism while trying to nail Republicans with the slightest thing.

      1. Meadows is very smart to bring Candace in because she will set them straight whether they like it or not! I cheer her constantly!

  15. They wished they had “the data” to show they were right but it doesn’t exist yet but they know “the data” is right.

    Was this committee about white supremacy or the other boogeyman climate change?

  16. I wish I had an emoji for a standing ovation because I am CHEERING for Candace!!!!


    That was spot on PERFECTION!!!!

    And I’m hitting the “Recommended” button above because this one’s a keeper!

    1. I don’t know if you follow her, but I do on Instagram. She is on fire like this always. It’s amazing when former liberals like her wake up, because she has the fire of righteous indignation and is articulate as all get-out. She reminds me of Andrew Breitbart, Dana Loesch and Brandon Strzok. They are fearless in the face of the liberal/leftist attacks.

  17. If I had a daughter I would want her to be just like Candace. Brilliant, brilliant, oh so brilliant.

    1. Don’t have a daughter like her but my son is dating one like her. If he’s as smart as I’d like to believe he’ll keep her!

  18. The fact that there is a hearing about White Supremacy shows how ignorant and stuck on stupid a majority of our Country has sunk, demon-rats use racism as a tool to keep us white folks in line while the truth is as Candace said that’s not an issue in the black communities.

  19. Every time I hear her speak I want to give her a standing ovation! Three white women telling a black woman what’s wrong in black neighborhoods! Only in Washington District of Clowns!

  20. Damn! I mean Damn!!!
    Candace Owens is very impressive.
    Take no stuff from anyone!!!
    Only socialists would call in two white women to tell blacks what is wrong with them.
    If the blacks were paying attention they should be really pissed about that. It is a window into what the socialists really think about them.
    Candace however was having none of it!!

    1. Exactly! Having two white women tell a BLACK woman what’s wrong with the black community is the HEIGHT of white supremacy. These women putting Candace on trial are trying to treat her as if she’s too stupid to know what’s wrong with the black community and needs them to blacksplain it to her.

      1. That is the right spin that needs to be advanced – Democrat White Supremacy – Hit them right back with the truth of the matter.

        Another great show in town today was the exchange between Matt Gaetz and the racial pimp, Sharpie Sharp Al. It was quite a spectacle to see Rep Gaetz go after the Reverend on his racial slurs throughout the years and Nadler was impotent to stop it. Reverend Al was there to give his “expert” opinion on policing and Gaetz wasn’t having none of it.

        Truly enjoyable to see conservatives actually take the fight to the enemy. If this keeps up, we may actually see those measly mouth RINO wimps grow a pair.

  21. Smart, articulate people with facts will always win the argument against people who lie, distort, and rely on emotions to support their argument.

    Go Candace. I love it when conservatives fight back and win.

  22. God bless Candace Owens. She takes it to them every time we do not need white people talking for us. I love it when she says that.

  23. I would agree….WHY are we allowing two white chicks talk about problems on being black in America. Also, Ms. Owens is right in that abortion rates CAN and ARE measured in America, literacy rates ARE measured in America, unwed parents and fatherlessness CAN be measured in America (Census anyone?) but we don’t…..Want to know why not? Because it PROVES Ms. OWENS right and the dumb white chicks (and the lackeys for the Democrats) wrong.

  24. She has a razor sharp mind, and she will not back down from a fight. Oh and the race card doesn’t work so good on her as she is a strong black woman who knows she is right.
    She is amazing….. She’s making a big different in such a short time being out there….

  25. Cheers to Meadows and Jordan for ceding their time to Candace Owens. Only she could appropriately defend herself and she did a dang good job doing so. God bless and protect Candace. Continue to fill her with wisdom and the knowledge and understanding necessary to continue to fight the good fight.

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